Whitespace Health Expands Its Revenue Intelligence Platform With...

Whitespace Health Expands Its Revenue Intelligence Platform With Operational Analytics 3.0

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 16, 2022

By prescribing and prioritizing procedures to remedy operational concerns, the platform also leverages prescriptive analytics to identify and prioritize actions that would increase operational efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: "COOs, CAOs and administrators are overrun with a plethora of decisions that must be need each day, creating pent-up demand for Operational Analytics. These leaders desperately need transparency to organizational health coupled with a deep understanding of the opportunities within their workstreams. Innovative AI, prescriptive and predictive capabilities in the platform perform analyze and recommend actions that rapidly improve organizational efficiencies and drive sustainable financial improvements." says Gautam Char, President and CEO of WhiteSpace Health.

WhiteSpace Health adds Operational Analytics 3.0 to its revenue intelligence platform for independent and health system-affiliated medical practices. The platform is designed to provide visibility into the health of organizational workstreams, identify underperforming areas, and quickly rectify these issues while enabling financial and patient access operations, referrals, schedule management, and patient cycle times. Deep analytics within the platform combines data from many sources, allowing for decision-making that enhances profitability, utilization, and patient satisfaction.

In addition to automating the supply of descriptive analytics, sometimes known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Operational Analytics use sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to identify and report underperforming workstreams. Highly powerful ML (Machine Learning) algorithms extend the platform's business intelligence capabilities by finding complicated patterns in data and predicting the optimal course of action based on past success.

"We are thrilled to expand on the success of our Revenue Intelligence Platform by announcing general availability of Operational Analytics 3.0. This innovative new module was purpose-built to support operational decision making. Our customers can how achieve even faster time to value through the identification of new opportunities and resolution of their inefficiencies, resulting in improved levels of high performance across their organizations." says Jereen Mathew, SVP of Product Management of WhiteSpace Health.

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