Why Healthcare is Focusing more on Behavioral Health Data?

Why Healthcare is Focusing more on Behavioral Health Data?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The population health management leader is working with behavioral health businesses to integrate data and generate insights for outcome enhancement.

FREMONT, CA: A population health management leader, Arcadia, along with Innovative Management Solutions (IMSNY), is enhancing healthcare with behavioral health data. It is a shared venture between Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) and Coordinated Behavioral Health Services IPA (CBHS). The partnership focuses on helping behavioral health providers to unify their data and networks for understanding and caring for individual patients and entire populations in an efficient manner.

With this imperative collaboration, IMSNY understands and enhances the quality of care for patients suffering from serious substance use disorders, mental illness, and those affected by social circumstances such as poverty, food shortages, and inadequate housing. Arcadia implements its analytics platform for enabling IMSNY to look into the necessities of their patient population, supporting measurement and management of care utilization and quality. The company powers IMSNY with risk management tools by helping healthcare providers recognize, prevent, and secure care gaps in an efficient manner. Arcadia's platform enables providers to classify social and economic factors, impacting patient health by launching interventions to overcome such obstacles proactively.

Arcadia.io is a population health management firm that specializes in workflow software, data aggregation, and analytics for value-based care. The company assists its clients to help them achieve financial success in their risk-sharing contracts via Arcadia's focus on creating the best quality data asset. It pushes derived insights to the point of care expertly, supporting organizational staff with data whenever and wherever needed with applications, comprising care management and referral management. Arcadia has an off-the-shelf integration tech for more than 40 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors.

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