Why is Digital Health Beneficial in Oncology?

Why is Digital Health Beneficial in Oncology?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 18, 2022

FREMONT, CA: With the world going through digital transformation, the healthcare sector has come to accept that computational approaches have improved the understanding of health issues and contributed to the diagnoses of diseases, their prevention, and also cures. The treatment of cancer of any type is unique to every individual patient, even if all aspects of the condition are identical; thus, the personalization of medical treatment has become crucial. Digital health has played an important role in customizing prescriptions to specific needs, bettering cancer diagnostics and treatment, and facilitating general patient care.

Currently, the healthcare industry is in a much greater position, considering the evolution of several startups finding new avenues for progress in cancer treatment.

Top 10 Oncology Solution Companies - 2020Rise of Smart Technology

Commercially-available technologies like wearables have begun to play a vital role in helping the patients manage their cancer. Sometimes, chemotherapy treatments combined with the disease itself leads to nausea in patients. This issue can be easily tackled with a simple fitness regime and monitored by wearables connected to smartphone apps.

Other smart technologies like iPhones are also proving to be surprisingly useful for oncology, for instance, with the detection of tumors.

Although the technologies for cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and prognosis are still far from being accessible to the public, and far from acting as standalone treatment technologies, the oncological advancements in digital health have progressed the inception of oncology as a science massively. With digital health technology beginning to offer more affordable and less invasive cancer management solutions, creating a holistic and practical model of tackling cancer seems progressively more likely every day in the digital age. 

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