Why is Healthcare Compliance so Important Today?

Why is Healthcare Compliance so Important Today?

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 07, 2021

A well-developed compliance plan demonstrates a commitment to early detection and reporting of problems and promotes effective communication through all administration and staff.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries, making healthcare compliance a crucial and growing field within the industry. Healthcare compliance professionals are needed to help healthcare facilities address the ever-growing government regulations that set privacy standards for patient information, ensure quality care, prevent fraud, and protect assets. Read on to know more.

While organizations in every industry face scrutiny and risk for the violation, health care is unique in some ways. Medical information is extremely sensitive, as this data could potentially contribute to a life-or-death scenario for individuals if compromised. Healthcare also relies on a huge number of network-connected devices that haven’t been updated at the same pace with technology innovations and, therefore, may lack cyber-defense measures. These unique challenges place the healthcare industry at a much higher risk for non-compliance, which brings elevated consequences for the healthcare provider. This situation will not get better as health care becomes even more reliant on technology.

Top 10 Healthcare Compliance Solution Companies - 2020As the consequences for non-compliance become more understood and appreciated, health organizations are becoming more aware that avoiding a breach demands a combination of proper cybersecurity and a proactive, organizational approach to compliance. Treating compliance as the end objective instead of the starting point is rapidly becoming a lost opportunity in health care. Making sure that health data is safe and secure is just the primary step. Positioning data to be accessible and organized can turn IT into a much more valuable asset. Healthcare facilities can begin mining the data for evidence of suboptimal healthcare outcomes. The data can be purposed as a powerful weapon for improving care and driving performance.

One of the roadblocks with deploying an effective and efficient compliance framework is that the effort applies to the compliance officers and IT pros. It is really an organization-wide effort that requires buy-in from the top down and involvement from the bottom up. Collaborations with managed security service providers can assist hospitals in coordinating that effort and perfect how they use data in the process. Once the strategy is in place, compliance is much less of a burden and even becomes a strength and a valuable weapon.

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