Why is RPM gaining Popularity?

Why is RPM gaining Popularity?

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The healthcare industry is becoming highly digitalized. See how!  

FREMONT, CA: Today, while the world walks towards digitalization, hospitals are not left behind, and in fact, they are leading the industries that are marching towards getting a new digital makeover for themselves. The healthcare industry is indeed familiar with the technology of remote patient monitoring (RPM). Modern healthcare units, which are using advanced RPM applications, are influencing the healthcare technology makers lately. With the needs of the healthcare deliverers evolving at a constant pace continually, the technologists are under pressure to diversify patient experience strategies.

Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Companies - 2020An advanced RPM solution with all the modern and high tech functionalities help the clinics, hospitals and other healthcare centers to stay coped with the continuously changing paradigm of service and ways the health is delivered to the patients. What more does RPM has to shower upon the healthcare industry? Why is RPM gaining immense popularity? Well, the answer to all of these questions is certainly that RPM has become the favorite of almost every patient, and transitively, of almost every healthcare institution or a center.

With the increasing number of cases of patients suffering from chronic diseases, the technological side of the healthcare arena is keen on delivering care to patients all the time and in the comfort of their homes. And RPM is the magic that fulfills this vision of the healthcare sector. RPM technology joins its hands with a wide range of other technologies and solutions such as wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, the internet of things (IoT), cloud, and more add to the list. A connected ecosystem of all these technologies and their applications make way for successful observation, treatment, and care delivery for patients in remote locations.

RPM gives an opportunity for doctors to monitor the health conditions of the patients, prescribe medicines, inform the personal caretakers of the patients in case of emergencies, and also decide on further treatments right from the hospital or clinic without having to visit the patient physically. 

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