Why is Telehealth Rising to Popularity?

Why is Telehealth Rising to Popularity?

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 26, 2020

Telehealth has emerged to become the driver of the realm of healthcare.

FREMONT, CA: Digital care has become the new normal today, and the world is rife of technological innovations that support the facilitation of virtual checkups and other health assistance use cases. In the wake of the world and people in it increasingly looking to seek care sand guidance without stepping out of their homes, telehealth is looked upon as a lifeline by both the patients and the healthcare centers. In addition, telehealth has risen as a solution to handle the global health crisis, which has been caused due to the outbreak of the novel COVID virus.

Top 10 Telemedicine Solution Companies - 2020Why is the healthcare industry increasingly looking to adopt telehealth? What makes the world to rely on telehealth immensely? Telehealth protects both the patients and the medical care personnel. While the whole of the world is driven by the norms of social distancing, it is important to avoid contact with the external society. Telehealth is a health care practice that helps the patients receive care, and the doctors deliver it efficiently via a contactless avenue.

Telehealth technology is supporting algorithms that pronounce the maximum level of precision and care accuracy. Due to the number of infections increasingly on the rise and the health inconsistencies becoming heavily hazardous, the healthcare industry considers telehealth to be the best, safest, and the most imperative tool to deliver care and ensure social distance as well. Since doctors and other healthcare delivery experts do not have to admit patients for every simple or less serious condition, the bed space can be freed up for cases that require the most attention and care. Also, the patients who are infected by the deadly virus can get treated physically in the hospital and make sure that they do not affect the other patients and the staff in the hospital.

Telehealth technology spells the automated care. Due to the efficacy of automation that is made use by the telehealth algorithms in an efficient way, a lot of critical processes like reading the radiology reports, carrying out regular healthcare checkups, accessing cardiology data, giving continuous care to the seniors, and more can be done with complete accuracy and safety.

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