Why is the Demand for Telemedicine Increasing

Why is the Demand for Telemedicine Increasing

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, November 09, 2020

The telemedicine demand is increasing because it can be beneficial during critical situations like COVID-19.

FREMONT, CA: Several factors are involved in the telehealth market's growth, but the most important one is the rising population. Today, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become necessary to expand the healthcare sector. Moreover, the increasing number of chronic diseases and the deficiency of medical services have increased the telehealth market's demand.

The future of healthcare

In the past few years, the market of the telemedicine market has increased significantly. By utilizing telecommunication, healthcare providers can quickly diagnose, evaluate, and treat patients virtually. Telemedicine methods have also evolved to such an extent that it has become an essential part of the healthcare system.

There are estimated that the worldwide healthcare market will grow massively in the future, and telehealth will play a massive role in it. There are several factors due to which the growth of the market increased, like increased funding for telemedicine, the development of mhealth in the healthcare institution, the increased expense of traditional healthcare, and the growth of digital health users. 

1. The digital-first approach

Compared to other industries, the healthcare sector was slow in adopting digital technologies. However, due to the crisis for coronavirus, the demand for the healthcare system has increased. Its investment in the healthcare ecosystem has increased. It is predicted that the healthcare sector's investment in digital IT services will increase significantly in the future. Therefore, the healthcare sector is transforming itself with the help of digital tools.

2. The adoption of mhealth

mHealth has become the new feature that the healthcare sector is trying to achieve with mobile technologies. It is a method through which healthcare providers can use mobile technology to enhance health goals. There is an increasing growth in the mHealth market because of the growing trend of preventive healthcare measures and the rising funds or investment of the start-ups.

3. Artificial intelligence as a standard of care

During critical situations, AI-based technologies can be utilized to offer automated interaction with patients. When the AI-powered healthcare chatbots are combined with medical information like medications, conditions, symptoms, treatments, and doctors, it can be a savior for them. AI applications can also be used for enhancing the speed and accuracy of the diagnosis procedure. 

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