Will AI-Powered Health Engine Platform Augment Employee Health

Will AI-Powered Health Engine Platform Augment Employee Health

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Healthcare platforms are focusing more on enhancing employee health with the AI-powered health engine. 

FREMONT, CA: Well is empowering and incenting individuals to engage in their health by harnessing data, technology, and a high-touch delivery approach. The company is playing a preeminent role in ensuring and intensifying employee health. The innovative platform implements a proprietary, AI-driven "health engine," harnessing clinical and customer data to customize its engagement with members continually, helping them manage their health purposes efficiently. The new healthcare platform is led by a team of officials with in-depth expertise in consumer marketing, healthcare, AI, and customer engagement.

Health plans offered to most employees are not intended to help individuals realize their health potential and truly enhance their circumstances. Well is now bringing a service to market that employs clinical data, analytics, medical experience, and powerful incentives to improve employee health and mitigate costs. The Well platform targets employee engagement that will originally be offered to the employers who can make it a part of the employee privileges offerings. Well believes that every individual deserves access to a committed health partner, tailored for each person's unique requirements and goals."

Well is a health technology and services organization that aims to be the world's most competent partner in the progression of individualized health. Well serves as a trusted, personalized health guide, adding a layer of comfort to help its members reach their health purposes. The company's user health platform is the first to deliver personalized health advancement at scale proactively. Well expedites this through the concierge and engagement-based health leadership that is powered by a proprietary, AI-driven health engine. Well has revolutionized the way individuals navigate health while employers apprehend the cost savings through advanced employee health and engagement.

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