WinWire Rolls Out Vaccine Management Solution Built on Microsoft Azure

WinWire Rolls Out Vaccine Management Solution Built on Microsoft Azure

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Vaccine Management solution empowers healthcare facilities, simplifies vaccine distribution, and develops an immune and healthy world.

FREMONT, CA: WinWire Technologies launches its Vaccine Management solution developed on Azure. Healthcare firms need to create new business operations to offer vaccines to patients. The WinWire solution allows them to efficiently develop and handle vaccine programs at scale, speeding up vaccine delivery.

Patients have been awaiting the arrival of vaccines since the pandemic began. Vaccine management solution helps the public health administrators, healthcare providers, and care communities expedite vaccine dissemination. The end-to-end solution manages a continuum of vaccine front office and back-office management functions, including citizen registration, demand forecasting, adverse reaction tracking, vaccine administration, and reporting.

WinWire being a purpose-driven firm, helps healthcare providers create and manage vaccine programs rapidly and accurately at scale. Its vaccine management solution optimizes vaccine administration and management by allowing healthcare providers to alleviate the complexity of vaccine administration and assist businesses in reopening and bringing employees back to offices safely.

WinWire's cloud-based vaccine management solution combines with several existing healthcare solutions. The connections allow providers to handle patient queries more effectively and assuage patient concerns during this complicated time. Robust integration and the fact that it is developed from the ground up on scalable Microsoft Azure cloud offer healthcare firms the tools to rapidly move vaccines through their healthcare delivery systems.

Securing patient data is paramount in healthcare. The solution is developed on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is HIPAA compliant and includes FHIR adapters for interoperability with existing medical systems. The solution offers intelligent analytics and data-driven vaccination program management potentials. It also amalgamates various tools, like RxNorm and WinWire's Knowledge Mining Solution, to improve patient care.

The solution navigates citizens through the vaccination process with pre-appointment engagement, online appointment scheduling and reminders, and post-appointment tracking. These features mitigate the overly burdened staff and call centers' load to handle appointments' increasing volume and complexity. In sum, the self-service functions offer care ASAP, so a healthier future looms on the horizon.

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