Wolters Kluwer Introduces New Labor Law Portfolio

Wolters Kluwer Introduces New Labor Law Portfolio

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Tim Feldman, VP and GM, Healthcare Compliance

This deep expansion of the portfolio by the company will provide deep and current labor law and arbitration coverage all in one platform. 

FREMONT, CA: The provider of world-class content on labor and employment law, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. unveiled the expansion of Cheetah Labor & Employment Law portfolio. This new portfolio is capable of providing users with timely, organized content on labor and arbitration. This new face of law will create a better platform for the employment landscape.

Wolters Kluwer is building a culture of compliance in the healthcare industry. The new Labor & Employment Law portfolio of the company includes a library consisting of more than 42,000 labor arbitration awards. It is now available on Cheetah Labor & Employment Law, including more than 9,500 awards from the American Arbitration Association. It has monthly articles on Employment Law Daily, which offer exciting and enlightening perspectives at the intersection of labor law and popular culture. These articles provide cutting-edge, practical commentary on key developments and trends affecting labor, unions, and collective bargaining.

“Wolters Kluwer develops products that help healthcare entities stay ahead of regulatory change,” explains Tim Feldman, VP, and GM, Healthcare Compliance. “We provide SaaS solutions that range from current awareness, like Health Law Daily, to complete workflow solutions, like ComplyTrack. We also maintain the most in-depth archive of primary source regulatory content in the industry, plus treatises, MedLearn titles, cases, and whitepapers developed by our experts. This content is accessible through MediRegs, our healthcare research platform, or through Cheetah, our award-winning legal research platform.

Wolters Kluwer’s Labor and Employment Law portfolio consists of the following features:

1. Employment Law Daily:

Written by attorneys for attorneys, provides daily emails and access to an online searchable database. With Employment Law Daily, you get same-day reporting. It consists of email covers legislative developments, court decisions, agency rulings, and more.

2. Smart Guides:

It consists of expert and step-by-step practical guides. Where the steps actively link to corresponding resources such as forms, government agency websites, and treatises, and you can download forms in multiple formats.

3. Compliance Guideline:

A piece of paper is provided in the form of analytic and practical guidance. It consists of disabilities law, employee terminations, and employment discrimination litigation, sexual harassment in the workplace, and immigration law. The detailed description will provide the proper guidance and insight needed to understand complex issues clearly and craft the best solution.

4. Reliable Reporters:

These valid and trust-worthy reporters report fair employment practices, labor relations, wages-hours, and disabilities law. They also provide annotated explanations and timely updates of news and current developments. They do not just provide news but the right news.

“By providing these insightful solutions, we help customers build a strong culture of compliance to manage and mitigate risks associated with protected health information (PHI). Our solution enabled Sunrise to build and maintain a culture of compliance across a multi-state organization, we offer integrated workflow tools with regulatory and compliance content to deliver a comprehensive and powerful solution,” concludes Feldman. Wolters Kluwer was featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers 2016.

The main aim of the company is to offer the perfect marriage of workflow tools and regulatory and compliance content to deliver a comprehensive and integrated solution. Labor and employment laws prevent discrimination, makes the workplace safer and healthy for the employees. It also analyzes the wage paid to the person.

The enhancement of the Labor & Employment Law portfolio reflects the commitment of the company to listening carefully to their customers on an ongoing basis to meet their evolving needs. Wolters Kluwer is collaborating with industry thought leaders to add deeper domain content for the customers, and to provide them with practical information, analysis, and tools. These tools can help them to understand and effectively respond to the challenges of a shifting labor and employment landscape.

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