Yorktel Integrates Univago HE telehealth with Epic MyChart to...

Yorktel Integrates Univago HE telehealth with Epic MyChart to Transpire 'Acute'

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Yorktel, the provider of cloud and managed services for healthcare, government, and enterprise has announced the integration of its  Univago HE telehealth platforms-as-a-service with Epic MyChart. Named as 'Acute', this will serve the purpose of a flexible solution for greater expansion into the patient environments outside of the ICU for the hospitals, enabling remote clinical and monitoring workflows to a higher patient population.

Acute can aid in the on-demand specialty consults, clinical assessment and intervention, and patient education the inpatient telehealth programs. It offers features and functionality for the users including night vision, advanced remote camera, and audio controls, ad hoc expansion to multiple participants with a text or e-mail link and a patient on hold feature for private sidebar discussions with the remote participants.

The patient solution is fully interoperable with iObserver, Yorktel's patient observation application develop to protect the safety of patients who raise behavioral health concerns or patients exposed to risk but do not require being admitted in an ICU room. Acute solution's unique footprint creates a balance between space and enhanced visualization capabilities for patients, family and healthcare providers.

John Vitale SVP of Product Management for Yorktel opined that the company could support a greater range of clinical workflows within the healthcare environment with the collaboration. He added that this single versatile platform for multiple workflows is potential to provide better patient care and outcomes, deliver ease of use and interoperability, saving in time, money and frustration.

Univago HE telehealth platform was designed to aid healthcare providers to streamline and simplify collaboration and enhance patient outcomes by enabling medical practitioners to focus on the delivery of quality care without any worry about complexity or reliability of telemedicine technology. This platform gives healthcare systems the ability to consolidate various telehealth programs onto a single video platform, enhancing clinician efficiency and potential care response time and strong positive return on investment.

Yorktel will be manifesting the Acute unit at the upcoming HIMSS conference to be held in Orlando.

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