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NextGen Healthcare Information Systems: One-step Solution to Right EHR Technology

Steve Plochocki, President & CEO, NextGen Healthcare Information SystemsSteve Plochocki, President & CEO, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems
As the world takes rapid strides towards digitization, one of the major sectors that is witnessing major upheavals is medical. Electronic health record (EHR) has become a boon for the healthcare industry. However, getting an entire organization on board and finding the time and resources to make the switch to electronic records is a crucial step as it demands expertise in the field. Headquartered in Horsham, PA, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems provides integrated health record and practice management systems, connectivity solutions and billing services to hospitals and ambulatory practices. NextGen offer services in the area of population health management, interoperability and dental solutions for community health. The company also renders Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), consulting services, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and hospital solutions. “With more than 25 different medical specialties and dealing with more than 4,400 clients, we provide a vast range of services to our clients,” says Steve Plochocki, president and CEO of NextGen Healthcare Information Systems. NextGen Healthcare offers intelligent, integrated and interoperable Ambulatory EHR software which allows organizations to concentrate more on providing care to its patients. The software is designed keeping physicians in focus. “It is simple, smart, and fast–allowing organizations to concentrate on practicing medicine,” says Plochocki.

The new International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-9 or ICD-10 diagnosis search tool introduced by the company enables its clients to work effectively with its web browserlike search tool that ranks the search results by relevance and frequency of use. “At NextGen, we replace the existing EHRs through an uncomplicated transition by alleviating the complexities related to service, support, product issues, unmet expectations and system consolidation,” says Plochocki. Dealing with billions of patients and relied by over 85,000 physicians, NextGen’s EHR efficiently supports the individual physician workflow. “We’ve developed a cohesive delivery system that facilitates easy access, sharing and analysis of health data and brings in the right information, when needed,” says Plochocki.

Moreover, its role-based operation reduces the administrative burden of documentation. The EHR services provided by the company enables its clients improve patient care by enabling physicians to better manage patient population. For instance, ‘the Medical College of Wiscosin Department of Family and Community Medicine’ (DFCM), wanted to educate medical residents about the usability of right EHR technology in improving population health outcomes, patient engagement, patient access and patient safety. The company provided the residents with Nextgen Ambulatory EHR service that enabled population-based medical focus in residency training and a clear understanding and comfort with EHR systems.

We develop a cohesive delivery system that facilitates easy access, sharing and analysis of health data and brings in the right information, when needed

After the implementation, DFCM experienced an increased interaction and engagement between physicians and patients, enhanced health outcomes and better reporting for PCMH Level 3 designation. This enabled the users to quickly input necessary information and facilitated with easily customized templates and reduced redundancy and fewer diagnostic tests, while improving safety. Over the course of two decades, the company has gained expertise in the field by working with different specialties, practices, hospitals, professional and government organizations. Moving ahead, the company plans to render services to get on track for ICD-10 implementation by the end of this year. “The implementation of ICD-10 represents a significant code set change that impacts the entire health care community. We believe end-to-end testing is an essential step in ensuring that providers, clearinghouses and payers are fully prepared to process ICD-10 claims, and are committed to helping the industry succeed in this transition," concludes Ana Croxton, The Vice President of EDI products and services of NextGen Healthcare Information System.