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Charles MacBain, CEO , NordhealthCharles MacBain, CEO , Nordhealth
Nowadays, pet owners are willing to spend more to keep pets healthy, whether a CT scan, wellness programs, surgery, or physical therapy on an underwater treadmill. With such rapid growth in pet adoption, it is evident that veterinary professionals are seeing challenges meeting both the demand and expectations surrounding the needs of their growing clientele. This has resulted in backlogged medical systems and protracted wait times for pet owners in booking appointments for check-ups, availability of emergency services, or even access to preferred pet foods. It has also led to exponential stress for veterinary professionals with too many tasks, leaving them insufficient time to deliver appropriate levels of care. Helping veterinary professionals overcome these challenges with their unique veterinary management software is Nordhealth.

The company provides business (practice) management software for human and animal health professionals. Nordhealth has developed Provet Cloud for the veterinary industry—an easy-to-use platform that helps veterinarian professionals save time and focus on what matters most— delivering quality care for patients and growing their business. Provet Cloud takes a unique approach with its open API, enabling anyone to connect to the private cloud. For instance, the company has an online booking system for scheduling appointments. But through their API, they also enable their customers to book through an event store—an online booking provider specialized for advertisers. This is just one tangible example of Provet Cloud’s guiding principle to provide the best possible experience for the client while also allowing clinics to partner with service providers of their liking.

While most clinics still use server-based software that leads to high-maintenance costs and continual server upgrades, Nordhealth’s cloud-based modular software empowers clinics to activate and deactivate features per their clients’ needs and reduce maintenance and administrative expenses. They also have an always-on and always up-to-date system wherever they may practice. Clinicians new to veterinary clinics can quickly adapt to the features, reducing the need for laborious training sessions and increasing in-practice efficiency.

“The value of Provet Cloud is in helping every clinic be more efficient, reduce administrative tasks, and improve relationships with their clients,” says Charles MacBain, CEO of Nordhealth. The company does this through a mix of deep integrations with third-party tools. The constant improvements to their UX are borne from practice feedback and usability tracking and giving practices tools needed to meet their client’s expectations regarding care and service. The goal for the practice is consistent and repeatable processes so they can focus on caring for their patients while also providing their clients with excellent communication and services.

When it comes to the pet owners’ user experience, Provet Cloud gives them access to their pet’s medical history, telemedicine options for connecting with their veterinarian, automated appointment reminders, and easy online scheduling. Furthermore, the product integrates with third-party providers such as wholesalers or insurance companies to bring additional services seamlessly to the pet parent. And because Provet Cloud reduces the time and manual effort prone to mistakes for data in-practice, pet parents also have the confidence that their pets’ health records are up-todate and accurate.

  • The value of Provet Cloud is in helping every clinic be more efficient, reduce administrative tasks, and improve relationships with their clients

In use at over 2,000 clinics and with more than 20,000 veterinary professionals globally, Provet Cloud has been built to help small independent practices and assist larger corporate chains facing complex issues across multiple clinics. One such challenge to solve for corporate or multi-clinic chains would be wanting to centralise pricing, controlling one of the main levers that enterprise medical centres use to standardize their qualityof- care experience. To solve this, Provet Cloud developed their master pricing tool where a central resource can view and update pricing across each of their clinics. Provet Cloud also accounts for multi-clinic reporting and business management needs, ensuring the solution is equally functional for large corporate groups as it is for smaller independent clinics.

As Nordhealth looks to the future, Provet Cloud continues to develop and innovate with key features such as fully integrated payments, enhanced business intelligence reporting, a complete digital whiteboard, treatment sheets solutions, and a refreshed standalone pet parent app—to help strengthen the quality of their customers’ relationships, service, and care.

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Charles MacBain, CEO , Nordhealth

Nordhealth has developed Provet Cloud, an easy-to-use platform that helps veterinarian professionals save time and focus on what matters most—delivering quality care for patients and growing their business.