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Novelda: Revolutionizing Sensors via UWB Radars

Ingar Fredriksen, VP of Sales and Marketing, NoveldaIngar Fredriksen, VP of Sales and Marketing, Novelda
Be it the monitoring of vital signs, automating households, regulating the temperature of industrial premises, or household protection, the application of sensors is indispensable. However, the conventional sensors such as ultrasonic, infrared, microwaves and cameras are designed for performing only single detections of either presence, distance or proximity. Also, they have limited range and need active movements to detect the presence of objects. With such limitations characterizing conventional sensors, Novelda, an expert in low power ultra-wideband (UWB) impulse radar, sought to leverage its technology to revolutionize sensors. Thus, saw the development of XeThru, an ingenious radar system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology to develop non-intrusive sensors, performing not only an adaptive combination of all the traditional sensor functions, but also discharging highly accurate electromagnetic sensing to see through materials and detect the minutest of movements.

The XeThru Presence Sensor, characterized by ultrasensitive and excellent signal to noise performance, helps in detecting from major to minutest of human movements in a room. Integrated with Novelda’s XeThru X4 SoC, known for its less board space, low energy use and ability to enhance all radar operating metrics, the Presence Sensor not only has a tracking range of up to 9.4 meters but can accurately measure the distance to the occupants. With such an impressive ability, the sensor is the optimal solution for occupancy sensing and hitherto contributes towards smart homes, building automation, evacuation monitoring, and in strong-arming the security of houses, office spaces, and expensive objects such as paintings and artifacts.

As the XeThru technology is sensitive enough to see movement in the body caused by breathing, it can also measure the respiration rate of a person. The XeThru Respiration Sensor, leverages X4 SoC to provide advanced non-contact respiration and movement tracking to enable efficient and precise monitoring of presence, movement and respiration. Equipped with a programmable detection range of up to 5 meters, the Respiration Sensor’s applications range from sleep monitoring, baby monitoring, monitoring of vital health signs to elderly care.

XeThru technology enables long-range non-contact vital signs measurements. This enables many new exciting products in elderly care, patient, baby and sleep monitoring

Take the case for elderly care; the sensor can monitor the elderly person’s respiration rate and movements fully discrete and without privacy concerns. It can also ensure safety by detecting patients leaving or falling out of bed. The solution is ideal for monitoring elderly at home, in elderly care centers, and in hospitals and can facilitate significant costs savings by eliminating the need for specialized institutions, equipment and wearables.

Lastly, Novelda opulently provides its clients with the option of developing customized sensors by offering XeThru Development Platform that provisions embedded functionality to the radar sensor module, the back-end processing it demands and quicker route to the development of firmware.

Novelda’s three primary offerings, namely Presence Sensor, Respiration Sensor, and Custom Sensor Development are not just a mere system-on-chips. To help customers develop solutions within short time-to-market, Novelda equips its sensors with algorithmic software to process the intricate information and offers usable UIs to visualize and analyze data. “We help clients understand what the radar is trying to tell them. What differentiates us is both the best UWB radar SoC in the market, and that we offer complete sensor modules, helping users reap the benefits of radar technology without being radar knowledgeable,” states Ingar Fredriksen, VP of Sales and Marketing, Novelda.

What makes these impressive offerings so much more beneficial is that Novelda doesn’t offer them as final products. They are offered as a comprehensive, ready to use sensors, which could be seamlessly integrated into different monitoring products according to the respective needs of the developers.

Having developed such market-defining sensor solutions, Novelda is showing no room for complacency. It looks forward in developing sensors that provide not only breathing rate but also heart rate and understand what sleep stage the target person is in while sleeping.