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Naveen Gogumalla, CEO, NthJENNaveen Gogumalla, CEO, NthJEN
A delay by even a fraction in reaching a location where emergency services are required can lead to severe complications in patients, and in some cases, also result in the loss of life. Case in point, Naveen Gogumalla, a young and outstanding entrepreneur, who recovered from a heart attack back in 2011 only to be brought to his knees at the news of his sister’s untimely demise in 2014. Though saddened, Naveen spent time contemplating the situation to gauge how it could have been avoided. Working for the well being of the society, the serious thought and effort he put into the entire process would eventually lead to the inception of NthJEN, a data analytics solution provider that is aiding healthcare institutions levy better care to their patients with long-term and critical conditions. The aim and mission at NthJEN is to create innovative devices and applications that use data to drive engagement between physicians and patients during intervention and treatment.

“In the information age, we have real-time data available to us through devices, activity data, vitals data and various other sources; we can use this information to understand an individual’s daily routine and use the insights to trigger engagement between a care provider and patient,” says the enthusiastic CEO. NthJEN’s solutions are capable of continuously monitoring data about blood pressure, glucose, heart rate, and more. For instance, when a person visits a doctor for health advice, the physician can use the vital input to decide if a patient can continue with the same medication or if further intervention is required.


In the summer of 2017, NthJEN would receive its first funding, and by fall, the company began development of its first application MEIDIDOC, an engagement platform that a llows p atients t o d evelop a d efinitive c onnection with their personal physician rather than a bank of care providers. Capable of gathering critical health information, the application enables an individual to schedule a clinic visit remotely and interact with the caregiver using voice, video or text. For a clinic or hospital, it empowers them to retain their patients and not lose to poaching that can lead to depleting revenue streams. In terms of a patient, the advantage gained is a quick and informed intervention from a trusted source. The adoption of the platform is easy to set up and maintain, “We have a full development team, and an arm around support and implementation because our belief and strategy around our go-to-market plan is to keep it as simple as possible,” comments Naveen. NthJEN delivers MEIDIDOC as a SaaS model, which allows for a setup time of only four hours; a client can request for the solution in the morning, and have it up and running by noon.

A healthcare sector that NthJEN caters to is long-term care facilities. For long, an issue that caregivers at long-term facilities and hospitals have faced is finding a solution to eliminate pressure ulcers that are formed from a patient not moving over a period of time.

We have a full development team, and an arm around support and implementation because our belief and strategy around our go-to-market plan is to keep it as simple as possible

Enter MEIDISHEET, an innovative mattress overlay that has thousands of sensors to monitor an individual’s movement, and check if they are in the appropriate position all the time. However, the bigger picture that came out while testing the solution was that the patients in the facilities were also highly susceptible to falls. “With MEIDISHEET, we also have fall prevention. If the patient rolls to close to the edges of a bed, we alert the nurses’ station and warn them,” explains Naveen. Currently, undergoing pilot tests at various locations, the data collected from the solution will be used in enhancing the use of information to improve caregiver and patient engagement.

Efficient and Effective

Both MEIDIDOC and MEIDISHEET are HIPAA compliant, and this allows NthJEN to use its solutions within hospitals and clinics to help them provide efficient and effective care. Over the last 15 months, the team at NthJEN has been very active in designing and developing its solutions from the ground up. “We are at the point where we are ready to hand our products to the market and be able to install and deliver them to clients,” elucidates Naveen. In March 2019, MEIDISHEET made its introduction into the medical field at The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel that was held in St. Louis. A successful demonstration of the innovation landed NthJEN a contract with a Health System that has 24 facilities in 12 states that provide long-term care services to pilot its sheet and corresponding hardware.

Naveen recalls traveling around the world along with his parents, who are both doctors, and explains how it had enabled him to get an idea of the various methods by which medical administration is administered across different countries. Originally from India, Naveen has spent time in the Middle-East, Caribbean, Europe, and the US. In a recent study by NthJEN, it found that countries in the Middle- East, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and more, are spending 80-85 percent of their budget on healthcare. Encouraged by these facts, Naveen comments, “The Middle- East is a massive market for us, and I can leverage my connections there. Besides, we have also been approached by a company in London, GB that wants to know of our possibility and potential to enter Europe.”

Prevention is better than cure, and NthJEN’s primary objective going into the future is to aid healthcare personnel levy care to patients with high-quality solutions and world-class service in all areas. “When I started NthJEN, it was not about the dollar; our main focus was to offer applications that could bring a preventative approach into the medical arena,” expresses Naveen. “We are at a point in our evolution that is aided by federal and state-run mechanisms. People cannot die unnecessarily or without being monitored, and if we know they have issues, we should be following them,” he concludes.

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Naveen Gogumalla, CEO, NthJEN

The company delivers simple health care technology solutions to enhance patient engagement and increase patient loyalty to their medical provider. Its True Patient Engagement Solution that allows virtual visits utilizing secure, compliant communication protocols to engage the provider with their patients. The platform is built on the idea of prevention and will use sensors to track healthy behaviors that will be rewarded with points, to be redeemed to lower the patient’s health care costs