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Nursing Without Walls: Modernizing Home Healthcare Delivery

Victor Gajendran, Co-founder & CEO, Nursing Without WallsVictor Gajendran, Co-founder & CEO, Nursing Without Walls
Our current healthcare system is focused on hospitals, clinics, and facilities of all kinds. But, in fact, experts have long recognized that the patient’s home is the better place for recovery from acute illnesses as well as for delivering care on an ongoing basis. In the existing models of care delivery, home care providers have struggled to deliver quality care, build sustainable business models, and most importantly, truly focus on patient outcomes. There is no end-to-end solution that takes a patient-perspective by emphasizing the importance of quality nursing care in the home. Filling this void in the healthcare industry is Nursing Without Walls, a company that endeavors to modernize home care by developing a technology platform that directly connects patients, clinicians, and care providers. The firm uses a proprietary intelligence engine to drive the platform and has a network of field- based clinicians that can be deployed swiftly. “We aim to move the needle on the Triple Aim of improving patient experience and health outcomes as well as cost performance,” says Victor Gajendran, Co-founder & CEO at Nursing Without Walls.

Unlike the traditional approach that seldom focuses on clinicians who actually deliver care, Nursing Without Walls’ turnkey solutions, including a mobile app, an intelligence engine, and a network of clinicians, aim to maintain the highest possible standards of care. The company employs nurses who are selected through an extensive process that includes stringent tests, proper background check, shadow visits, online orientations, and training. Selected nurses are then enrolled in the platform with accurate credentials which are always kept current. When there is a clinical need for a home visit, healthcare providers publish patient and visit details on Nursing Without Walls platform. The requirement of each patient’s specific care is mapped to the credentials and specific skills of each clinician within the database through the intelligence engine to find the right nurse and ensure effective care delivery.

We aim to move the needle on the Triple Aim of improving patient experience and health outcomes as well as cost performance

Nurses that best match the required care are notified. In turn, the nurses can accept or decline the request as per their geographic preferences and time feasibility. The team at Nursing Without Walls co-ordinates the entire visit through electronic visit verification (EVV). The geo-location capabilities integrated into the platform records each nurse’s login and logout timing as well as the time duration of a nurse’s stay at the patient’s house. “We deliver an evidence-based clinical protocol on site which helps the nurse with clinical decision support and engages the patient directly in care plan review as we get their signature on the mobile device,” says Gajendran.

Further, the team helps with medical equipment, supplies and other urgent patients requirements. The nurse identifies or verifies the need and forwards to Nursing’s back-end agents for processing. With the approved list, the agent moves the items through each step of the workflow. The technology-driven processes ensure that complete logs are maintained at every step which ensures that best practices are being followed and prevents any audit or compliance issues that may arise. In context, Gajendran recounts how Nursing Without Walls came to the rescue of a major home health agency in Southern California that was facing difficulties with hiring nurses and managing the complexities of delivering consistent quality care. Nursing Without Walls increased the capacity of the agency to solve the problem of nurse availability via their user-friendly platform.

Taking one step at a time, the team at Nursing Without Walls is surging forth to realize their vision of creating a home-centered health system. The firm’s near-term goals include bringing physical/ occupational/ speech therapists onto the platform while also facilitating patient-nurse communication via a call center apart from physical visits.