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OBS Medical: Aggregating Patient Information into a Single Actionable Index

Peter Leyland, CEO, OBS MedicalPeter Leyland, CEO, OBS Medical
The emerging trends from wireless sensor technology and remote patient monitoring to Big Data analytics and electronic patient portals, are redefining where and how healthcare is being delivered.
Though technology is changing the way healthcare providers are electronically keeping track of the physical status of the patient, many institutions are still using methods originally designed for more traditional paper orientated systems such as track and trigger charts. They are not yet embracing the opportunities offered by new technologies and techniques such as data fusion, especially in the context of the ambulatory continuous monitoring of physiological vital signs to help with the early recognition of patient deterioration.

Oxford, UK-based, OBS Medical is at the forefront of developing and providing products that enable healthcare organizations to manage and monitor health conditions of patients more effectively. “We provide a software solution that aggregates patients’ vital sign information given by sensors into a simple actionable index, providing an overview of a patients overall wellness,” says Peter Leyland, CEO, OBS Medical. “Our solution makes the information more accessible to the leaders and players involved in patient monitoring.”
OBS Medical is the global leader in the development and provision of predictive algorithms for identifying critical instability in patients.
“Unlike traditional methods of monitoring, we have tried to look beyond unstructured data and created expert trained algorithms,” says Leyland. The company delivers healthcare applications of the Visensia technology. Visensia—The Safety Index is designed to reduce the number of unexpected and avoidable deaths through simplification, risk identification, and prevention. “Our role is to simplify all the information that we have collected and create a call to action for a patient whose condition is deteriorating,” describes Leyland.

Visensia’s data fusion and analysis capabilities enable healthcare organizations to reduce mortality by empowering the clinicians to stabilize patient’s situation well in advance of a critical event.

Visensia allows the clinical team to intervene before the patients’ problems become life-threatening. “It helps in informing the patient’s condition by providing a single data point,” says Leyland. Visensia alerts the clinical team members to recognize, refer, and respond to the patients by delivering a single health status, while avoiding crisis situations.

We provide a simple monitoring solution that aggregates patient information given by sensors into a simple, objective index which is reliable and safe

Many hospitals are moving away from multiple patient wards which bring certain benefits, but in some hospitals, the healthcare providers find it difficult to monitor and manage patients in these individual care settings. In such a scenario, OBS Medical alerts them about a patient’s condition, helping to reduce the chance of deterioration not being picked up or recognized in these otherwise isolated areas. “We give hospitals the choice to create protocol to enable the nurses to be obliged to ring the doctor,” explains Leyland. Subsequently, the doctor is also obliged to attend the patient.
OBS Medical is globally recognized for delivering accurate insights into patients’ conditions. To cite one of OBS Medical’s most recent case examples—a large healthcare customer has recently released some promising health economic data on the benefits afforded to them by leveraging Visensia alongside other innovative technology enhancements. “Data from nearly 20,000 patients over a four year period, has shown an reduction in mortality, the number of code-blues calls and overall length of patient stay” describes Leyland.

In the days to come, OBS Medical plans to extend the capabilities and benefits afforded by the Visensia technology in the acute setting out into the community and at home.