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ODH, Inc.: Leveraging Data to Drive Better Outcomes

Michael Jarjour, President & CEO, ODH, IncMichael Jarjour, President & CEO, ODH, Inc
As we transition to a value-based care environment, developing actionable insights from aggregated patient health data will play a key role in population health management. However, healthcare providers face a common challenge— “death by spreadsheet”—that limits them from leveraging the data to drive better outcomes.

As healthcare systems generate vast amounts of data, often embedded in disconnected legacy systems, aggregating, analyzing, segmenting, and targeting the data using spreadsheets is extremely difficult.

ODH, Inc. helps liberate healthcare organizations from the quagmire of spreadsheets. ODH’s tagline— Outcomes Driven Health—describes its commitment to helping clients define, measure, and achieve better clinical and financial performance.

ODH integrates and analyzes data from disparate sources and provides a 360-degree view of the patient, enabling clients to better manage their populations and improve outcomes and reduce costs. While ODH focuses on high-cost, complex patients, it monitors clients’ entire populations as individuals move up and down the cost curve.

ODH blends clinical expertise, technological experience, and business acumen to build innovative solutions that address clients’ challenges. ODH’s flagship solution, Mentrics, is a high-tech population health management platform designed to streamline data and care coordination. The platform aggregates claims, pharmacy, and social determinant data from disparate systems, and analyzes it to build attributes and create registries tailored to the entire patient population.

Mentrics provides a longitudinal display visualization of data and stratifies populations with proprietary risk scores.

At the end of the day, we collectively need to align towards the ultimate measure of success—truly improving outcomes for our patient populations

The platform generates valuable and definitive insights to facilitate optimization of patient care, secures data in rest and motion, is compliant with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), and is blockchain-enabled.

The platform also addresses the significant challenge of bridging the gap between physical and behavioral health. Caring for people with co-morbid physical and mental health conditions is a major societal problem. Individuals with co-morbidities are at high risk for receiving poorly coordinated, and therefore potentially more expensive, care. “Managing a person with diabetes who also suffers from depression can cost up to 300 percent more than managing someone with diabetes alone,” remarks Jarjour. By combining both physical and behavioral data, the platform helps coordinate care, enabling better clinical and financial performance.

“Our customers are payers and managed behavioral healthcare organizations,” emphasizes Jarjour. One of the firm’s customers struggled to coordinate care because its behavioral and physical healthcare management programs weren’t integrated. Leveraging Mentrics, ODH supported the customer in achieving a fully integrated case management program based on total population risk stratification and segmentation.

By keeping pace with emerging technological developments, ODH continues to enhance and improve its model. The firm is considering how machine learning and artificial intelligence can generate value, and has partnered with Hashed Health, a leading blockchain consortium.

ODH recognizes the challenge of integrating data from different EMR vendors while expanding the sources of critical data sets. “At the end of the day, we collectively need to align towards the ultimate measure of success—truly improving outcomes for our patient populations,” concludes Jarjour.