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OffSite Image Management, Inc.: Customer-Centric Solutions in Radiology

Lasha Dalakishvili, RT (R), President & CEO, OffSite Image Management, IncLasha Dalakishvili, RT (R), President & CEO, OffSite Image Management, Inc
"You can have a Chevy Impala SS in any color you want, as long as it’s black,” Lasha Dalakishvili RT (R), President and CEO of Offsite Image Management, recalls with amusement a vehicle advertisement he saw when he moved to the U.S. in the 90s. It aligned precisely with his thinking on how the majority of vendors allow their customers to utilize their solutions—as long as it’s the way the vendor wants it to be.

Offsite builds and designs vendor-neutral services in radiology, according to specific customers’ needs, which differentiates the company from others. “With our solutions, you truly get any color you want,” says Dalakishvili. “Everyone on our team has a radiology background, which helps us understand the customer’s environment to tailor the right solutions.”

Starting out with only archiving services, Offsite was prompted by a customer request to implement a deconstructed picture archiving and communication system (PACS), which garnered impressive popularity among their customer base. After achieving success with PACS, the company progressed to offering cloud-based solutions, with 80 percent of their customers now in a cloud-based environment using Offsite’s Zero Footprint Viewer for browser-agnostic cloud viewing.

Offsite offers the custom-built TeleRad360—an amalgamation of their cloud-based PACS and radiology information systems (RIS). “We build to suit, and nothing is out of the box; transparency, flexibility, and scalability is our priority,” says Dalakishvili. “This means that all stakeholders of the customer’s teleradiology platform— across technologists and radiologists— understand their role in the work environment, creating a harmonious workflow across the board.”

Amidst an evolution of services, the company plans to roll out subscription-based DICOM data coercion/morphing services for multivendor environments.

With our solutions, you truly get any color you want

Dalakishvili is a firm advocate of the philosophy that “the customer is the owner of the solution.” The Offsite team understands that replacing a system is not always a viable solution. “We really look at the pain points of the customer and try to fix them without making a major replacement,” says Dalakishvili.

Recently, the Offsite team visited a medical center in Arkansas to discuss their cath lab issues. The Offsite team zeroed in on the problem and emailed the solution to the client’s PACS vendor. “I’d rather be an educator than a salesperson,” says Dalakishvili, “even if it’s not a typical approach. Having worked several years in radiology, it’s important to me to offer real solutions.”

One of the company’s first success stories reflects this mission. The Offsite team encouraged one of their first customers, a partner organization, to employ archiving as a safety net for their data. At the customer’s request to make their off-premise archive viewable, Offsite provided a browser-agnostic viewer for the archived data.

When the customer’s existing PACS completely crashed, the company relied on Offsite to recover their data. Early in the process, when creating the customer’s PACS, Offsite had to build various coercion rules for consistency across existing data as part of the PACS implementation. Later, when the customer upgraded their EMR, Offsite worked with them on various HL7 interfaces. After seven years with the provider, the client renewed their contract for another five years, noting Offsite’s exceptional commitment to service and an understanding of their radiology workflow. With unparalleled support and services, the company has established a 100 percent customer renewal rate.

The company’s primary target market is critical access hospitals and small- and medium-sized hospitals, with software solutions exclusively for the radiology field. “Stay committed to that singular field and be good at it” is the motto that the company lives by as a boutique solution provider in radiology.