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OnProcess Technology: Powering Post-Sales Supply Chains

Mike Wooden, CEO, OnProcess TechnologyMike Wooden, CEO, OnProcess Technology
Hospitals and clinicians rely on medical equipment to help them treat and improve the lives of patients. This puts the onus on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to do everything possible to maximize uptime of their on-site products, including ensuring that any repairs and updates are done quickly. The challenge is that the post-sale supply chain processes OEMs use for managing customer service, spare parts inventory and dispatch are typically fragmented and manually-driven. Because of this, repairs often take longer, inefficiencies abound and costs are unnecessarily high.

OnProcess Technology helps healthcare OEMs dramatically reduce post-sale supply chain distribution costs, accelerate processes and improve patient outcomes. The managed services provider, which specializes in the post-sale supply chain, is renowned for using advanced technologies and analytics to transform complex, global processes into digitally-driven, unified, highly efficient operations. While this kind of ‘digital transformation’ is on everybody’s mind now, OnProcess’ success is due to the fact that has been enabling digital transformation in this industry for decades, long before the term became a buzzword and the concept became a priority.

“Post-sale supply chains contain a trove of valuable data, but most of it sits in silos that are hard to access and interpret. With minimal visibility into their post-sale supply chain processes, healthcare OEMs don’t have the information needed to make significant improvements,” said Mike Wooden, CEO, OnProcess Technology. “We make post-sale data completely visible and turn it into actionable insights that drive smart decision-making, automated operations and superior outcomes.”

OnProcess’ proprietary real-time visibility and analytics control tower, called OPTvision, and its use of robotic process automation technology (RPA) to replace repetitive tasks, underpin its services and are key to enabling orders-of-magnitude improvements in customer experience and profitability for healthcare OEMs.

OnProcess’s holistic approach to solving problems in the post-sales lifecycle transforms client-side operations. For instance, Elekta—a global provider of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy equipment—was riddled with a fragmented spare parts order management system. The client had 20 different business units and multiple order desks serving more than 500 field engineers located in over 50 countries worldwide. Elekta sought a solution to eliminate inefficiencies in the post-sales process and limit high cost. OnProcess developed a standardized and centralized order management system across all the aspects of service delivery environment in every region served by Elekta. The end result: the client enhances customer service and equipment uptime and expects to save £10 million over a three-year period while accurately managing inventory.

How does OnProcess accomplish results like these?

• Managing global post-sale distribution logistics for the healthcare OEMs

OnProcess unifies and streamlines global processes and eliminates redundancies. With highly skilled employees, who provide services in 23 languages from five global facilities, the company ensures the right parts and field technicians arrive at hospitals and clinics at the right time, delivered by the most cost-effective means. It also ensures original and unused parts are quickly returned so they can be repaired and put back into the OEM’s inventory, without clients having to purchase new parts to fill stock.

• Making preventative maintenance much more efficient

By feeding on-site product Internet of Things/machine data into OnProcess’ systems and running advanced analytics, the company can predict which parts are likely to fail and when, and then proactively schedule replacements before equipment can break down. This minimizes downtime and enables hospitals and clinics to schedule patient treatment without last-minute interruptions.

OnProcess is well-poised to continue leading the industry in helping healthcare OEMs meet hospitals’ needs for superior equipment uptime, while minimizing costs.