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Jason Mabry, CEO, Optimum Healthcare ITJason Mabry, CEO, Optimum Healthcare IT
Novel requirements, regulations, and the shift to outcomes-based reimbursement are transforming the healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Management processes at an exponential pace. “Revenue Cycle Systems can assist organizations by managing the many rules and metrics required of the various programs such as HITECH, ICD-10, and Meaningful Useif they are implemented in a coherent way,” says Jason Mabry, CEO, Optimum Healthcare IT. Through its revenue cycle and advisory services, Optimum Healthcare IT, along with the analytics software suite from their sister company, Clearsense are helping healthcare organizations realize the promise of big data, meet meaningful use goals, and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, firm is working toward the goal of driving research to improve population health management and ultimately reduce mortality rates.

Based on an easy to execute and self-learning code, Clearsense increases data validity, access, and utility for financial information related to charges, payments, days in A/R, financial class, and collections. Users are enabled to access the data rapidly and have the ability to drill down to view data from the healthcare provider. In addition, Clearsense is able to run various reimbursement models and build solutions that allow clients to navigate effectively with operational ease. “By leveraging our analytics software suite, users gain access to accurate, real-time data allowing for identification of opportunities for improvement,” adds Mabry.

To realize the unique needs of healthcare organizations, Optimum Healthcare IT also offers advisory services which bring forth its years of experience in the Healthcare IT field to design customized solutions. “Our knowledge of various EMR systems and third party systems allows us to design solutions, implement organizational changes and to aid the client in being prepared and proactive,” elaborates Mabry. The other key factor to ensure the client’s success includes the firm’s collaborative approach to work with all-involved clientele in developing a plan and providing clear and concise communication.

At Optimum, we don’t sell the software, we help organizations implement the system correctly, within budget and specified timelines

“We believe that the client’s involvement in the process is critical to their success,” adjoins Mabry. By providing highly skilled resources in revenue cycle management from both an operations and a system perspective, Optimum Healthcare assisted a large public academic medical center in the Northeast to transform their enterprise-wide EHR, replace their revenue cycle systems, provide cut-over support, and post go-live optimization.

The Florida-based firm also assists businesses in evaluating and implementing revenue cycle systems according to the organizational needs. “At Optimum, we don’t sell the software, we help organizations implement the system correctly, within budget and specified timelines,” mentions Mabry. Apart from providing advisory, evaluating and implementing services, Optimum has in-depth experience addressing security and compliance needs of its customers. The firm offers a wide range of services, from strategy development to implementation of technology and processes to minimize risks. “Our clients include large healthcare systems, community hospitals, and healthcare technology providers who need to ensure that their information technology platforms remain secure and meet regulatory requirements. We assist these organizations in congregating the requirements of MACRA, Meaningful Use, PCI, RAC audits and changing regulatory requirement,” details Mabry.

Established in 2012, Optimum Healthcare IT has grown to over 550 employees working with 75 health systems both internationally and nationwide with service lines covering Advisory, Implementation, Community Connect, Activation and Training, Optimization and Managed Services. Optimum Healthcare is investing heavily in their managed services solution, specifically application support, and believes that managed services provide a great platform to both reduce costs and increase quality. “As providers move toward value-based care, we see the opportunity to combine analytics with world class consulting services to assist those providers make the right decisions regarding patient care,” concludes Mabry.