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Orion Health: Predictive Analysis for Advanced Population Health

Sylvain Bonnet, Managing Director EMEA, Orion HealthSylvain Bonnet, Managing Director EMEA, Orion Health
While several industries are facing disruptions, no industry is as affected as the medicine and healthcare industry. The pandemic has put forth unprecedented demands on it, and its swift and ingenious response to those demands has vividly represented its ability to adapt to changing markets. But the virus hasn’t retreated yet. The healthcare ecosystem needs to upgrade rapidly such that it can respond to such unique demands while ensuring affordable treatments for patients. This can be achieved by empowering health care professionals, clinicians, and caregivers with the right information to deliver the most effective care, and Orion Health-a UK based provider of health information technology- is revolutionising the healthcare industry by offering predictive modelling and DNA sequencing, so that every individual receives the best care.

Orion Health aims at transforming the healthcare industry to be sustainable and efficient. Founded in 1993, it is one of the world’s leading healthcare IT solutions providers for improving personalised care across the healthcare community. Its solutions gather large amounts of data available related to a patient and provide tools to enable healthcare professionals to formulate effective treatments, by applying analytics and employing care management and patient engagement.

The organization has developed Amadeus, a cloud-based platform employing big data and machine learning. It is part of Orion Health’s groundbreaking precision medicine development that incorporates clinical, social, and environmental data about an individual and creates a personalised health plan that supports the overall wellness of the patient. Amadeus generates accurate results to enable clinicians to identify risks and provide the best treatment. It significantly reduces the cost by calculating potential savings for the patient and suggesting cost-effective treatments.

Orion Health’s groundbreaking precision medicine development incorporates clinical, social and environmental data about an individual and creates a personalised health plan that supports the overall wellness of the patient

It generates reports using predictive analysis to forecast potential symptoms and diseases. All the data is displayed in a single dashboard so that it is easier for the concerned physician to navigate through the patient journey. The platform is fast, and easy to access, and enables secure sharing of patient information among concerned physicians. The content displayed in the dashboard can be restricted to be viewed by people not concerned with the patient, by setting Hierarchy-based content restrictions.

Orion Health also offers Remote Patient Monitoring which enables healthcare professionals to remotely monitor high-cost complex patients from the comfort of their homes. Physicians would use Personal Health Assistant App to manage and engage with the patient remotely and update their status in the database. This tool is extremely beneficial for chronic diseases and offers treatment at a much lower price. Orion Health also offers Medicine, which is an integrated platform for a complete view of the patient medications that are trusted widely in the healthcare community. The platform captures, stores, and aggregates prescriptions from multiple sources and enables doctors to reconcile and actively manage the patient’s medication profile. Orion Health offers an Outbreak Management solution that provides modules to help alleviate the demands of the healthcare systems. This solution not only optimises the clinical productivity, but also contains modules that are required to support, supplement, and expedite the shift to virtual care.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the need for virtual care to address the impact of the virus on the healthcare system has only increased. Orion Healthcare has enabled its clients to manage their existing obligations while dealing with the surge of coronavirus. It is transforming the healthcare industry with its modern technological solutions to ensure every individual receives the perfect care.

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Sylvain Bonnet, Managing Director EMEA, Orion Health

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