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OroHealth: The Amalgam of Triage and Asynchrony in Telemedicine

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Patricia Dorne, CRO, OroHealthPatricia Dorne, CRO, OroHealth
A dermatologist has to frequently deal with a scenario wherein there is a patient with a minor skin condition and, on the other hand, a patient suffering from a severe skin disease. Be it a physical or virtual consultation; the practitioner would ideally need more time to diagnose the latter patient. What if there was a way to apply the concept of triage implemented during a disaster to make efficient use of the doctor’s time. OroHealth is making it possible by enabling asynchronous telemedicine. The company improves the efficiency of a practitioner or clinic’s operations and saves the time for patients considerably.

Getting all the preliminary tasks of questioning, testing, and screening the patient done in advance, its state-of-the-art solution enables the practitioner to make thorough and rapid examination and follow-up of minor conditions, freeing time for major conditions. The amalgam of triage and asynchrony allows the practitioners and specialists to scale their operations manifold. “In the traditional way of treatment, there is no scalability. If you look at the asynchronous aspects of things, our system helps the practitioner conduct a consultation and deliver a prescription in less than five minutes; i.e diagnosis and prescription in less than five minutes. From a patient’s perspective, the convenience of asynchronous telemedicine is that you can consult rapidly and receive your prescription in less than 24 hours,” says Patricia Dorne, CRO, OroHealth.

When it comes to the technology behind the solution, it aims primarily at simplifying the complete process right from the appointment to diagnosis and prescription in an asynchronous manner. The AI augmented solution improves the efficiency of practitioners by enabling them to make the best use of their time.

“We strongly believe that the future is in protecting the health information of patients and giving them and their practitioner or specialists or doctors, the power over data,” says Bruno Morel, CTO of the company. Ensuring a high level of encryption, OroHealth secures the data so that there is absolutely no possibility of any information being leaked or shared with external partners in any way. By default, it provides the company with state-of-the-art strong protection that complies with the regulations. Essentially, no one apart from the patient and the doctor can access the patient’s medical information.

If you look at the asynchronous aspects of things, our system provide scalability to specialist practitioners by making better use of their time, streamlining minor cases in less than 5 minutes with our innovative AI augmented solution and making it easier and faster for the patient to consult in less than 24 hours

It is a patent-pending technology and not just simple end-to-end encryption. OroHealth has added a layer that guarantees advanced protection of the database by thwarting any attempt to get inside the ocean of patient data. Moreover, it also takes care of the privacy of patients’ ailments and the specialist they might be seeing. The system has been built on top of encryption so that even if someone tries to access the system to decrypt the data, they would not be able to guess that a certain person has been seeing a particular specialist.

Looking to democratize the technology, OroHealth is expanding the applicability of its solution to more specialty areas. Equipped with ML and NLP capabilities, the solution keeps evolving, making its screening and triage tools even more efficient and compatible to varied diagnostic scenarios. The company has made its triage system agnostic of the specialty, and it can be adapted to virtually any type of specialty.

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Patricia Dorne, CRO, OroHealth

Helps clinics and practitioners leverage the power of asynchronous telemedicine. The company’s asynchronous medicine solution can improve patient satisfaction without compromising the quality of care.