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Paro: The Game-changing Productivity Assistant for Life Sciences

Committed to continuous innovation and transformation across healthcare, Paro is a revolutionary conversational AI platform designed for leading life sciences organizations. Paro’s real cornerstone is its strong leadership team that strives to identify gaps in the healthcare sector and meticulously deliver comprehensive offerings to the clients. Rob Tedesco and Imran Deshmukh, CEO and CTO, respectively, come from an IT management background, while Josh Caggiula and Chris Guyer, CMO and CCO, respectively, are experts in digital strategy and global business development for the life sciences industry. The quartet has amalgamated their deep knowledge and vast experience in technology and life sciences to create Paro, a life sciences voice and chatbot assistant.

Paro is designed in response to a need they saw in the marketplace where pharma and healthcare organizations are deluged with a vast amount of data coming in from multiple sources that they need to sift through to provide field professionals with information for increasing sales. “They are severely limited as antiquated systems used fail to deliver such a huge volume of data in a user-friendly way,” says Caggiula. To this end, Paro, the first-of-its-kind voice and AI-powered platform, unifies all the disparate data across enterprise systems and distill them into relevant insights for field representatives, helping them prepare for each meeting with customers. Leveraging sophisticated chatbot technology and natural language processing (NLP), the platform offers a patent-pending conversational interface where the field representatives can simply ask questions to pull out insightful information before a sales call. Also unique to Paro is that it identifies the changes made in the information and delivers them to field professionals at their fingertips, facilitating meaningful and personalized engagements. “Paro is a force multiplier and empowers field teams to react quickly, accurately, and deliver better quality during customer interaction,” says Guyer.

Paro assists field professionals on a day-to-day basis by providing information and exceptional functionalities anytime and anywhere they need. Once a sales call is over, they can log call notes hands-free using voice or text, and the platform records ‘compliant’ information in their CRM system for future use. Paro can also suggest the next call based on call plan attainment goals, priority, location, and contact trends, optimizing the team’s time.

Paro is a force multiplier and empowers field teams to react quickly, accurately, and deliver better quality during customer interaction

Further, the platform helps field professionals to practice their call and offers on-the-go training to maximize call impact through voice interaction such that it can be used even while walking down a sidewalk. With these stellar capabilities, Paro is a time-saver and a productivity driver for field representatives, thereby positively impacting sales for clients.

What needs to be highlighted is that Paro is far-reaching across multiple aspects of business development efforts of life sciences organizations, helping them gain a competitive advantage. Apart from face-to-face meetings, Paro facilitates virtual communication in response to the hybrid environment of interaction introduced by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The platform also enables asynchronous communication along with voice and chat functionalities for field professionals helping clients grow the bottom line.

The enthusiastic feedback from clients after using Paro speaks volumes about its effectiveness. The platform has enabled the clients to use previously underutilized data and features within their existing enterprise systems on a day-to-day basis. Especially with the pandemic where organizations are pushed to do more with less resources, Paro acts as the force multiplier empowering clients to gain efficiency by delivering data, intelligence, and resources to the team quicker than before. The responses such as ‘mind boggling’ and ‘game changer’ platform further solidify Paro’s unique capabilities.

The backbone of this breakthrough platform is its team’s experience on either side of the fence. “We have folks who have carried bags and been in leadership positions. So the experiences we draw from are not just from clients but also from ourselves,” remarks Guyer. A dedicated team of life science and technology experts headed by Deshmukh ensures Paro’s continuous upgrade with new features and functionalities. Moving ahead, the team plans to leverage asynchronous communication for easy, on-demand access of product information to doctors. With several such innovations on the horizon, Paro is poised to disrupt the life sciences industry.

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Rob Tedesco, CEO; Imran Deshmukh, CTO; Josh Caggiula, CMO and Chris Guyer, CCO , Paro

Paro provides an AI-powered voice and chatbot assistant that makes accessing enterprise systems and data easier than ever