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Patient Education Genius by CoherentRx: A Holistic Approach to Patient Communication

Thomas Hartle, Founder & CEO, Patient Education Genius by CoherentRxThomas Hartle, Founder & CEO, Patient Education Genius by CoherentRx
Proper patient communication is an essential part of any meaningful patient engagement process. Often, due to the inefficient workflow of healthcare establishments, patients miss-out on receiving relevant and appropriate communications and advice related to their health, condition, and treatment instructions. At base, clinical, marketing, and compliance teams in a healthcare organization usually function in silos which become a hindrance to important (impactful) patient communication. Paper based ways in which healthcare organizations undertake patient communication add to the persistent failures in accomplishing successful patient engagement.

To this end, Michigan based healthcare technology company CoherentRx positions itself as a software development company that develops smarter, faster, and more efficient patient engagement solutions to healthcare organizations. Patient Education Genius (PEG) is the company’s primary patient communication solutions. As an innovative EHR based solution for streamlining the process of managing patient communications, PEG provides a common platform for the clinical, management, and compliance departments of healthcare organizations to work in sync, achieving a holistic patient communication strategy. For, effective communication and synchronization among the various departments of the healthcare team lead to timely and patient care that is backed by enhanced communication.

“When the healthcare organization works in a well-coordinated manner, patient communication can be delivered in a faster and more powerful way,” quotes Thomas Hartle, Founder & CEO CoherentRx.

PEG is a HIPAA compliant application with a seamless EHR integration and provide evidence for MIPS/MACRA and other value-based incentive programs.

Our goal is to help our client to achieve their clinical, operational and compliance patient communication goals

As PEG stores all records electronically in each patient record, it can boost the productivity of the clients by saving an ample amount of time and resources, eliminating the need for printers and printed materials. The whole platform is web-based and can be easily integrated with existing EHR systems within hospitals. The offering is secure and simple to use for both the physician and the patient.

PEG allows physicians to upload their educational links, videos, documents, and images on the platform and send them to the patients. The platform also has the most extensive collection of healthcare and medical aid contents from over 40,000 educational resources, from 233 the nation’s best content providers and across 58 different specializations. This makes the practice of sharing relevant and peer-reviewed content easier than ever before. Taking patient engagement to a higher level, PEG tracks whether the patient has opened the link that has been sent to them or not. If not, the patient would receive notifications accordingly. As opposed to other offerings in the market, PEG has achieved patient engagement rates as high as 84% and 72%.

PEG makes the expensive and timely tasks of patient communication simpler and quicker improving productivity, documentation for compliance and patient satisfaction. Every PEG client utilizes PEG’s Genius Chatbot to distribute patient satisfaction surveys, enables clinics to promote other services and products. This feature will help the physicians and the hospital to create and further increase the brand value of their establishment. “Our entire mission is to help our clients to achieve their clinical patient engagement goals and other business-related objectives,” adds Hartle.

With such benefits and a value propositions, PEG has carved a one of a kind position value proposition in the patient engagement space. Marching ahead, PEG is on its way to witness the massive user growth. Additionally, PEG is working towards additional EHR integrations and releasing new user up new features. “We will continue expanding and re-imagining the patient communication. We want our clients to be able to communicate with their patients the same way they communicate with their friends and family,” concludes Hartle.

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Patient Education Genius by CoherentRx

Birmingham, MI

Thomas Hartle, Founder & CEO, Patient Education Genius by CoherentRx

CoherentRx is a private software development company that creates smarter, faster, and more practical patient education and medical education solutions. CoherentRx’s chief product is Patient Education Genius. Patient Education Genius is an innovative EHR-based solution for managing content, educating patients, and driving the adoption of clinical services. Patient Education Genius enables providers to make data-based decisions that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of patient engagement efforts. The primary goal of a company is to help their clients (payors and providers) achieve their patient engagement goals and related business objectives. The company is specialized in Patient Education, Technology, Improved Patient Outcomes, and Patient Health