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PDFfiller: An Integrated Platform for Patient Healthcare Documentation

Boris Shakhnovich, President, PDFfillerBoris Shakhnovich, President, PDFfiller
Most healthcare organizations today are floating in a virtual sea of diverse documents — records, faxes, radiological images— generated digitally using disparate systems. “Medical institutions are looking for a single DMS (Document Management System) platform that can encompass all this information, along with independent editing tools like a signature manager and storage manager in order to save time and money,” says Boris Shakhnovich, President, PDFfiller. This is where Brighton, MA based company, PDFfiller comes in. The company offers a single DMS platform that can offer complete integration of features like cross platform compatibility—usage of DMS in any digital gadget (Android or iPad), HIPAA security and compliance with all medical field regulations, as well as access to files anywhere, anytime. Integrating all DMS tools into a single compact platform, PDFfiller demonstrates significant features like cross-platform compatibility and mobile computing. “We apply years of analysis and customer feedback into our DMS for optimizing document workflow,” adds Shakhnovich.

The PDFfiller platform helps clients to edit documents created with Office 365 and Google Docs, and to integrate with CRM applications such as Salesforce. “We enable healthcare providers to digitize and centrally archive all documents and integrate them into existing IT systems, daily processes, and workflows,” adds Shakhnovich. This allows physicians and administrative staff to have real-time access to clinical and non-clinical information of patients in order to make timely and accurate decisions.

We enable healthcare providers to digitize and centrally archive all documents and integrate them into existing IT systems, daily processes, and workflows

In addition to focusing on access and integration, the company helps healthcare providers to fill and send any PDF form online with features to edit the document—add check marks, highlight, blackout, and draw, attach photos or videos inside the document, and modify document organization. The firm’s Signature Manager tool enables clients to create or upload multiple signature formats including hand-written signatures or photographs of original signatures. The tool also has a verification process whereby the geographical location and authenticity of the signature can be substantiated. Furthermore, the firm has 256-bit encryption and provides 24/7 security on all services offered.

PDFfiller not only provides access to documents to healthcare providers within medical facilities but also provides a mobile document library for nurse practitioners and other on-site service providers. During patient visits medical professionals often encounter communication and documentation challenges. PDFfiller DMS has been essential in terms of helping medical practitioners reach out to patients at their residences or workplaces. “PDFfiller helps nurses to pull up the records quickly, fill in the key details of all documents, and simplify work with iPad or a touch device,” remarks Shakhnovich.

Forging forward, PDFfiller is now planning to work extensively on document procurement functions. The firm is working towards creating a “Self aware digital document”—a document that knows by itself which vertical or department to move into. “We will also be moving towards data analytics, since we believe it is the future of document management,” concludes Shakhnovich.