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Performance Clinical Systems: Care Management Workflows, Simplified

Brian O’Neill, CEO, Performance Clinical SystemsBrian O’Neill, CEO, Performance Clinical Systems
With an eye on value based care, healthcare providers and payers have come together to ambitiously engage in a more collaborative approach to care management and population health programs. These programs are nevertheless still challenged by legacy, siloed systems, resulting in care teams’ inadequate access to crucial patient information, effective interventions, and inconsistencies. There is a need for an agile solution that not only streamlines the workflow but also offers seamless role based access to pertinent information across all settings- payer, provider, and community. Spearheading such a solution is Performance Clinical Systems, a unique healthcare IT solutions company that improves the efficacy of population health or care management programs through their flagship solution, Symphony.

Symphony is a cloud-based workflow management platform providing effective care management and population health functionalities, enabling greater collaboration between providers and payers. “Symphony hosts all the member information on a highly scalable, HIPAA compliant AWS platform that supports multi-disciplinary care team members to access patients’ care plans, records, and related information across all settings,” states Brian O’Neill, CEO, Performance Clinical Systems. The platform provides care teams role based guidance that facilitates the most efficient workflow process and eliminates the data noise associated with many of today’s more static workflow systems.

Symphony is designed with the sole purpose of making clinicians’ interaction with technology simple. “Aware of challenges clinicians face using multiple complex systems to get a holistic view of the member, Symphony is built to bring all the data together in a single, intuitive, elegant user experience; the phrase ‘click to goal’ is embedded in our culture at Performance Clinical Systems,” remarks O’Neill. Based on this philosophy, Symphony is engineered to provide role-based guidance with intuitive capabilities requiring no training for users to access comprehensive information.

Further, the platform’s agility allows organizations to quickly “get operational” care management and population health programs tuned to the requirements of new payment models and payer contracts.

Aware of challenges clinicians face using multiple complex systems to get a holistic view of the member, Symphony is built to bring all the data together in a single, intuitive, elegant user experience

Symphony Composer provides authorized users the ability to quickly and easily add or edit content, clinical workflows, alerts, and hand off queues to other team members. This gives users the abilty to adapt to the requirements of new plans, products, programs and regulations quickly and easily without requiring support from the vendor. The modular platform offers patient assessments which are generated dynamically based on member attributes such as plan, product, conditions, etc. to support personalized member interaction. Dynamic care planning provides intuitive workflows for creating and managing care plans. Utilization management is designed for accurate, efficient entry, tracking and reporting of data.

In one client example, a health plan achieved tremendous cost savings on a population health program. Previously the client utilized the services of registered nurses for new member outreach and assessment, proving to be both time consuming and expensive. Although the payer had a care management platform in place, it turned out to be a complex solution to use. However, as Performance Clinical Systems was engaged to re-design the outreach process using Symphony, its intuitive role-based guidance allowed initial assessments to be performed by less expensive non-clinical staff resulting in faster, less expensive completion of the assessment process for all members. Once the survey was completed, Symphony stratified members into appropriate risk levels and routed them to the appropriate teams for follow up.

Over the years, Performance Clinical Systems has played an important role in providing healthcare organizations the ability to adapt to new payer-provider relationships, while improving the efficiency of care management and population health programs. The company continues to be driven by the goal of creating seamless, intuitive workflows for payer-provider collaboration.