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Steven Lugard, CEO, PerformationSteven Lugard, CEO, Performation
With quality and value-driven outcomes becoming the watchwords for the present healthcare industry, every care provider is proactively looking for innovative yet cost-effective ‘smart’ healthcare solutions. And, even though there are a multitude of options available for the healthcare providers, not all technology vendors are conversant with the evolving policies, regulations, and trends of the healthcare domain. This makes integration and execution of value-driven care systems even harder. What the healthcare industry needs is a comprehensive solution that understands hospital operations inside out to provide the most fitted health-tech solution. This is where Performation—a smart solution provider to healthcare organisations— cements its name in the realm through and through.

The company believes in the power of integrated information. From budgeting to data-driven decision making, Performation offers healthcare providers a strategic outlook across the board. With Performation’s data-driven management solution, hospitals can capitalise on the troves of data stored in its data warehouse. The solution gets even more powerful when it is combined with its Intelligent Hospital, which provides more insights about the production, finance, capacity, and quality of the hospital operations. All the insights are presented to the end user through easy-to-use dashboards.

These insights, coupled with the company’s budget solution, helps a healthcare institution in drawing up budgets that provide a better balance between production, capacity, and finances. With such a powerful solution at hand, healthcare providers can easily estimate the number of staff positions and personnel costs, record expected patient flows at different levels, and optimise care profile through an integrated benchmark.

As a result, Performation enables healthcare providers in determining the money spent per department, while also presenting the insights to cost versus activity.

The company believes in the power of integrated information. From budgeting to data-driven decision making, Performation offers healthcare providers a strategic outlook across the board

In certain instances, staggering amounts of data and insights can overwhelm medical professionals. To help them overcome this hurdle, Performation consultants assist the healthcare organisations in better deciphering the insights and enabling them to make better decisions that make the workflow smarter. The company always provides targeted advice for improvement. Performation’s consultants help healthcare professionals to optimise processes and ensure that changes are sustainably secured through intensive guidance and training.

Perfomation always keeps medical specialists and caregivers at the centre of its solutions. Solidifying this ideology is its performance model solution that strikes a balance between providing good care, acceptable working hours, and physicians and surgeons receiving fair compensation. The model takes KPIs such as quality of care, productivity, workload, work ethic, budget, and turnover into consideration and creates a progressive reward plan for medical specialists.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Performation is actively helping people and healthcare organisations by providing relevant information and the latest insights with its special COVID-19 dashboard. Apart from the information, Performation is also helping healthcare organisations in maintaining optimal operations with its Capacity Management solution as the situation can be volatile and change several times within a day. So, physicians, healthcare personnel, and the hospital management team must constantly be able to make decisions under considerable time pressure. Even in these challenging times, Performation is inclined towards helping organisations with their expertise and diverse solutions.

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Steven Lugard, CEO, Performation

Offers healthcare providers smart solutions such as harnessing the power of real-time management and create the hospital-wide optimal balance between finances, quality, capacity and the patient process.We believe in the power of integrated information provision. With a data-driven approach, we offer support in improving your care provision. We have a solution for every department in your hospital, based on one data source as a stable force behind this solution.