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Jeffrey Hubbard, President & CEO, Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc.Jeffrey Hubbard, President & CEO, Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc.
In the competitive and dynamic digital world, the faster the turnaround time for claims processing, the better the productivity of the company. Amidst the growing challenges for medical billing companies and healthcare providers including fee-for-service payment models converting to merit-based models and ever-evolving requirements—a large portion of claims are billed incorrectly, rejected, and rarely recovered. The fact remains that denial management continues to irk the industry. As a global healthcare technology solutions company with over 30 years of history and innovations in healthcare information technology, Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc. (PJ&A) is committed to providing HIT solutions that improve healthcare providers’ efficiencies, accuracy, and financial performance.

PJ&A’s denial management solution uncovers and resolves the issues leading to denials and shortens the accounts receivables (A/R) cycle. Their Revenue Cycle Management solutions help improve productivity through intelligent, event-driven, automated workflows that offer robust dashboard reporting that pinpoints claims activity, identifies trends and reveals the source and volume of denied claims-increasing payment recovery and reducing controllable write-offs.

PJ&A also provides solutions in coding, auditing, speech recognition, transcription, data mining, teleradiology, and AI capability optimization to its customer base across the U.S. and globally. Whether it’s converting data into actionable intelligence that helps providers elevate patient care (quicker appointments, comprehensive patient records, proper diagnostic coding, and predictive analytics) or optimizing the revenue cycle, PJ&A does it all.

The company has the expertise and credentialed team members to continually improve the clinical documentation process, optimize claims submissions, track and monitor audits, maximize reimbursements, reduce revenue tied up in A/R and shorten the overall revenue cycle. The company also provides insights into how to continually improve cash flow and profitability, which has made PJ&A a premier choice for large and small hospitals/health care systems, clinics, schools, hospices, military, government arms, and law enforcement offices. even, police departments. “We are a U.S. owned and operated, zero debt organization that has the ability to meet and exceed client needs. Our focus for our clients is providing excellent customer service and improving financial performance. We offer fully customizable solutions to best serve their needs,” notes Jeffrey Hubbard, President and CEO of Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc.

PJ&A follows a Managed Services Model which involves detailed planning, with the client defining the requirements for practical outcomes, applicable service levels, and key performance indicators in an operational context. This model allows clients to outsource the management, operations, and delivery of processes to lower their overall expenditures. The pricing structure is based on regular monthly billing with guaranteed service levels, quality, and throughput, which significantly reduces volatility in costs, and supports accurate and predictable budgeting. “We begin with an on-site kickoff meeting, customized build-out, staff training, testing, and go-live followed with regular check-ins for updates, trainings, and continuous improvements. Our goal is for all stakeholders to feel confident with our product functionalities. We are diligent about maintaining an on-going communications strategy with our clients, Quality and IT teams to ensure that,” explains Hubbard.

For the future, PJ&A sets to expand its AI/Machine Learning and IT Consulting to help its clients develop effective strategies for their businesses through implementation and training, automating overall processes, and assisting health professionals’ with more informed decision-making. The U.S. based company, who currently has clients in all 50 states, Guam, Canada, England, Ireland, Japan, India, and the Philippines, aims to continue its global expansion with the UAE.