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Persivia: Real-Time Data for Efficient Value-Based Care

Dr. Mansoor Khan, CEO, PersiviaDr. Mansoor Khan, CEO, Persivia
For some time now, the healthcare arena has been undergoing a massive transition, where risk is moving from payers to providers. The force propelling this shift is the unsustainable growth in healthcare spending. CMS and other insurers are reacting to this by adopting new care and payment models under the moniker of value-based care. Healthcare professionals are increasingly being forced to simultaneously adopt multiple value-based care models. Enter, Persivia, a Marlborough, MA-based provider of real-time bundled payment, value-based care, population health, and quality management solutions. The company is known for employing AI to enable earlier clinical interventions, comprehensive patient engagement, and superior cost management. Dr. Mansoor Khan, CEO of Persivia, says, “There are a number of providers out there that are trying different strategies and deploying diverse business models to deliver value-based care. Our solutions are designed to help them manage multiple models simultaneously by helping control costs, streamline operations, mitigate risks, and improve quality of care.”

To help providers and healthcare institutions achieve their regulatory, quality, and financial goals, Persivia has created a population health management platform that offers an integrated solution to manage quality, care, utilization, and patient engagement. Driven by the company’s industry-leading AI engine Soliton, the comprehensive platform collects all of the needed clinical, socio-economic and claims data, analyzes and reports on quality, identifies care gaps, and stratifies patients according to the risk factors. The platform’s AI helps in three ways: clinically (identifies what is going on with a patient and provides the necessary intervention needed to assess and improve the health of the person); service-based (finds and recommends the different services needed to provide value-based care); and lastly, with cost management.

“By identifying clinical interventions, forecasting revenue, and segmenting patient populations, our AI engine helps hospitals and healthcare providers with the continuous analysis of patient data and allows them to react in real time,” adds Khan.

By using AI to identify clinical interventions and segment patient populations, we help providers analyze patient data to manage and coordinate care and cost in real time

Persivia’s industry-leading offering for Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) Advanced program requirement, for example, is a unique end-to-end solution that manages costs and utilization of healthcare as well as handles care management, care coordination, and patient engagement. From providing analytics for designing bundled payment programs and helping Episode Initiators select Episode groups, to ensuring evidencebased care management and coordination across various care settings, Persivia’s Bundled Payment solution is effective across numerous operations. “The AI-driven platform merges clinical, socioeconomic, and claims data to provide a single comprehensive picture that puts the patient at the center of care and enables quicker clinical interventions and superior cost management,” affirms Khan.

Founded in 2005 by a team of physicians and healthcare IT professionals, Persivia has grown tremendously over the last decade to become a leading provider of value-based programs and clinical quality measures solutions. Today, the company’s customers span 250+ hospitals, 4000+ healthcare providers, 20 million patients, and numerous payers, EHR companies, systems integrators, and government entities. In the days to come, Persivia is focusing on developing a cost predictive AI solution that would take all the internal data such as risk scores, clinical profiles, and patient history and predict costs accordingly. The company will also continue to build out the capabilities of its population health management platform around patient engagement. “We are now in the process of releasing Alexa and Google integrated versions of our patient engagement solution,” concludes Khan.

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Lowell, MA

Dr. Mansoor Khan, CEO , Persivia

Persivia's platform takes into account all patient data, including clinical, claims, behavior, consumer, patient-reported, device, genomics and proteomics to provide a quantum improvement in an organization’s ability to manage multiple concurrent Value-Based Care programs. The Persivia platform – CareSpace™ – is a single integrated AI driven platform which supports all VBC models and integrates data from all sources through the entire care continuum. It includes a variety of AI driven workflow tools and data integration capabilities to establish a complete view of the patient and populations and manage cost effectively. Persivia's industry leading capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and Risk Stratification simplify, combine and analyze data from all sources – thereby helping care-providers take real time decisions at the moment of care. Persivia has been built on a foundation of nearly 15 years of developing and deploying an AI based care coordination platform. The Company is privileged to support care coordination, and quality efforts at more than 300 hospitals and an additional 4500 ambulatory providers.