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Petal: An Orchestrator for Patient-Centric Healthcare

Patrice Gilbert, CEO, PetalPatrice Gilbert, CEO, Petal
A patient-centric approach is espoused as the foundation of every healthcare system. But when it comes to walking the talk, most healthcare delivery systems tend to overwhelmingly under-deliver. The reason: healthcare organizations use different technology solutions that are not interoperable with each other, nor can that be integrated into wider healthcare networks. While the need to implement an overarching system to streamline healthcare workflows was imminent in the pre-COVID days, the pandemic certainly accelerated it. The sudden surge in patient inflows that nearly incapacitated the global healthcare system has made healthcare organizations search for better ways to serve their patients.

Helping healthcare organizations put the patient at the center of the healthcare system is Petal, a Canada-based health-tech company. Petal designs innovative, data-driven, cloud solutions that foster efficient coordination of electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) systems. Petal’s AI-enabled cloud platform seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare delivery systems and acts as their orchestrator, resulting in faster and improved patient care. “Petal sits on top of existing healthcare delivery systems to bridge the gap between patient demand and medical supply to efficiently orchestrate patient care delivery workflows,” says Patrice Gilbert, CEO of Petal.

Founded a decade back as a physician shift scheduling solution provider, Petal has increasingly moved to more complex and extended healthcare systems that manage not only physicians but also all the medical services offered by hospitals and medical clinics. With this medical supply data, Petal created a second module – a self-service patient portal that aggregates all patient information in one place by capturing patient demand data. Further, to link these two datasets, Petal created the third module – an orchestrator platform that acts as a bridge connecting patients and physicians.

Petal sits on top of existing systems to bridge the gap between patient demand and the medical supply to efficiently orchestrate patient care delivery workflows

Petal’s list of modules also comprises a hospital console that manages the medical offerings of healthcare organizations, and a clinical capacity management module that oversees the efficient allocation of medical personnel and equipment in response to patient demand. Furthermore, a secure communication module allows medical staff to find, message, and interact with each other and exchange patient information in real-time. This secure platform also enables switchboard operators and hospital administrative staff to locate the right physicians at the right time for the right patient. The combined modules form a complete care orchestrator platform that enhances patient care by intelligently aligning patient demands and medical supply.

Petal caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes – from small clinics to large hospital networks. Its orchestrator platform connects with the record systems of healthcare organizations, digitizing the processes around physician scheduling, shift changes, and allotments. This is followed by the deployment of a patient portal by integrating with the EMRs/EHRs to facilitate data flow between all the systems of the healthcare organization, which further helps in executing patient flow orchestration.

Currently in the process of deploying a large contract in its home province, Quebec, Petal is set to act as the central intelligence engine behind orchestrating healthcare and patient flow for the entire province’s primary healthcare system. By integrating with multiple hospital systems of 1300 medical clinics, Petal will be providing primary healthcare access to nine million patients via an easily accessible patient portal, all the while ensuring the smooth handling of huge patient flows.
Facing the same healthcare delivery needs as their North American counterparts in these pandemic-stricken times, Petal’s European clients in Switzerland, Belgium, and France are looking to implement its orchestrator platform to serve quality care to large numbers of patients – not just at the clinic or hospital level, but also at provincial and regional levels. And Petal promises to deliver, as Gilbert states, “Our goal and mission is to link the right patients with the right providers at the right time by bridging the gap between them through cloud technology.”

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Quebec, Canada

Patrice Gilbert, CEO, Petal

Petal is a health-tech solutions company that empowers healthcare organizations with a data-driven secured cloud platform to orchestrate patient care delivery workflows in real-time. Petal’s AI-enabled cloud platform fosters efficient coordination of electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) systems, and seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare delivery systems, acting as their orchestrator. With a self-service patient portal, and modules enabling physician shift-scheduling and secure hospital staff communication, Petal’s complete care orchestrator platform intelligently aligns patient demands and medical supply, resulting in enhanced patient care