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Piezosurgery Incorporated: Revolutionary Technology

Richelle Braun, CEO, Piezosurgery IncorporatedRichelle Braun, CEO, Piezosurgery Incorporated
Throughout dentistry, innovative solutions and new techniques are vital in making dentistry more comfortable for patients while improving the dental practitioner’s experience. Traditionally, osseous surgery was performed using rotary instruments, which was effective for cutting bone but caused thermal damage, resulting in long healing times and significant pain and swelling for the patient. Procedures like tooth extraction and bone grafting can be quite traumatic to the patient due to these traditional methods. In searching for safer and less traumatic alternatives, a novel technology was founded in 1997 by Professor Tomaso Vercellotti called Piezosurgery®, the combination of piezoelectric technology and surgery. Professor Vercellotti enhanced ultrasonic technology to eliminate the limitations of traditional instrumentation and offer a better surgical experience for both the patient and the surgeon.

Today, the revolution continues as Piezosurgery Incorporated is committed to providing Piezosurgery® technology in both the dental and medical fields, offering surgical solutions with more precision and predictability. With the focus on improved safety and treatment outcomes, Piezosurgery Incorporated has become a prominent leader in both dentistry and medicine.

Futuristic Design

One of the unique advantages of Piezosurgery® is that it efficienly cuts bone without damage to soft tissue, which is significant for surgeons who perform procedures near delicate anatomy, such as nerves, spinal cord, dura, membranes, etc. Additionally, the devices contain a proprietary Automatic Precision Control, which continuously monitors the surgeon’s pressure and movement to provide the most efficient cuts. By setting a new standard for minimally invasive procedures, this technology has changed the future for both surgeons and patients alike.

While performance is the priority, additional features have been added for more efficient use and a more moden appearance. The Piezosurgery®touch is equipped with a glass touch screen with LED display, as well as an LED handpiece for better visibility during surgery.

More Affordable

The company has recently introduced Piezosurgery®GP which was designed to be a budget-friendly option. It was developed for the general practitioner who performs a limited number of surgical procedures, yet wants to incorporate the benefits of Piezosurgery® in their practice. It combines the clinical benefits of the company’s patented dual wave technology with cost-effective materials and standard manual functions.

Increasing Footprint

Further expanding their business, the company recently launched the Multipiezo line of devices with hygiene, endo, and restorative functions. An interesting feature of these devices is the SOFT mode which allows hygienists the ability to reduce the vibration in order to minimize discomfort to patients with sensitivity. In a recent case, a hygienist reported immense improvement in patient treatment time after utilizing the SOFT mode, as ten minutes per patient was saved. This provided for a better patient experience,while increasing the practice’s productivity.

Piezosurgery Incorporated has not just excelled at launching cutting-edge equipment in dentistry but has also expanded into the medical field by catering to segments such as cranial, neuro and spine surgery. While innovative equipment is their primary goal, they also focus on customer service and support. By exploring newer channels of distribution, they are also capable of selling their products through dealers and supply companies, while maintaining superior service with Product Specialists throughout the US. Additional training courses are also offered, utilizing practitioners who’ve been long-term users of the technology to provide first-hand insights about their personal experience and techniques.

As new dental challenges arise, Piezosurgery is researching to support new and innovative treatment options. The company plans to develop new products under the dental and prophylaxis space in the near future. Adding new devices, as well as functionalities to existing product lines, allows them to meet the current needs of practitioners. “Our technology is a safer and more predictable alternative for both the dentist and the patient,” says Richelle.