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Ian Gelenter, Senior Vice President, Pioneer SolutionIan Gelenter, Senior Vice President, Pioneer Solution
As digital transformation sweeps across every industry at breakneck speed, the healthcare industry scrambles along to improve care delivery. However, the quest at times fails as various stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum are unable to identify and use the right device for the job. There are considerable challenges that stem from the consumer-grade technologies flooding the marketplace. How can healthcare professionals choose the best device for the job? The answer lies with California-based manufacturing company, Pioneer Solution—a leader in medical-grade mobile computing. “Pioneer Solution designs purpose-built application-specific hardware that helps ensure a predictably successful outcome by minimizing the challenges related to battery power, cleanability, durability, and overall usability of the devices,” says Ian Gelenter, Senior Vice President at Pioneer Solution.

Pioneer’s computing devices are made of anti-microbial plastics that are sealed and resistant to liquid spills and sprays. The products can be ordered with up to a five-year warranty and have a life cycle of up to seven years with intelligent touchscreens that are tolerant to over 30 million touches from any input including a gloved hand. “Our offering comes with an exceptionally high success rate with average failure rates less than 1 percent,” saysGelenter.

Alongside the promise of high durability, Pioneer’s medical grade devices are built without any exposed data ports, to dissuade anyone from trying to access sensitive patient data. Moreover, the embedded privacy screen filter on the device allows only the users standing in front of the screen to view the information while concealing views from all other angles.

All of Pioneer’s products are certified to be used with the largest electronic health record (EHR) applications and software companies. “Our expertise in mobile and point-of-care workflows is based on 30 years of experience and over 10,000 successful installations in the healthcare industry,” says Gelenter.

To address the prevalent hurdles in delivering care, the Pioneer team has built many innovative solutions, with hot-swappable batteries for use in mobile computer carts being the most innovative. The company’s hot-swappable batteries eliminate the need for the computing devices to be plugged in for charging. Its advantage comes to fore in areas such as medication administration that requires maximum mobility. “By eliminating the need to plug in and manage the battery, the clinician can be mobile 24/7 and focus on the passing of meds and accurate recording rather than looking for an outlet.”

Pioneer’s medical grade mobile all in one computer with hot-swappable battery comes as a boon for the caregivers in the long term care environment. Caregivers in this space use medication carts to deliver medications to the residents. As opposed to the laptops that have high replacement rates due to breakage or spillage or being knocked out of the cart, Pioneer’s medical grade mobile all in one computer presents manifold advantages. Caregivers can be mobile round the clock without ever having to plug in, while the touchscreen helps them speed up the documentation process. “We not only understand how to design and build application-specific devices but also the strategy behind developing effective clinical documentation,” adds Gelenter. The added advantage is the high durability of the devices, which results in reduced TCO and improved uptime.

As an expert in manufacturing, Pioneer’s products are designed from the ground up with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and longevity. “We can provide documented performance upto the component level,” says Gelenter.

Striding its way into the future, Pioneer will continue to expand its current line of tablets, kiosks, and mobile computing solutions to include higher acuity technologies at the point of care.

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Pioneer Solution

City of Industry, CA

Ian Gelenter, Senior Vice President , Pioneer Solution

Founded in 1994, Pioneer is headquartered in California with offices in Asia and distributors worldwide. We focus on designing and supplying integrated/embedded touchscreen solutions for multiple vertical markets including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and industrial. Our products are designed to have a long shelf life (a minimum of 5 years) and serviceability (a minimum of 7 years). With our extensive engineering background, we can also work with our customers in designing a custom product from start until production, which may involve custom molding, system board engineering, laboratory or agency approval, assembly and production. This expertise has resulted in numerous high-profile OEM projects. At Pioneer, we are proud of our success. We remain committed to our Partners which consist of value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs), and software vendors (ISVs), valuing those relationships as being the key building blocks of the company’s overall performance. Our Partners depend on us to be global leaders in innovation, quality, and service