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Practice Fusion: Transforming Health Sector at No Additional Cost

Ryan Howard, Founder & CEO, Practice FusionRyan Howard, Founder & CEO, Practice Fusion
The complex ecosystem of medical professionals, patients and life science partners has always been a topic of discussion across the globe. Ryan Howard, Chairman and CEO along with his team at Practice Fusion work towards the vision of enhancing accessibility of medical treatments and patient care services throughout the U.S. Practice Fusion, is a firm that develops electronic health record (EHR) systems that can be accessed through a multitude of devices to end challenges and struggles endured by patients and medical practitioners.

Headquartered at San Francisco, California Practice Fusion’s webbased Electronic Health Record (EHR) system helps medical staff and experts devote more time on patient care by streamlining their every-day practices. The company’s EHR solutions for the doctors is a customer’s favorite owing to its benefits—free and quick implementation, easy charting on any device, online booking, free labs and imaging integration, free support and training for the users, integrated billing, and Meaningful Use certification. The EHR solution for the patients helps them receive immediate updates on health records from the doctors based on their lab results and prescriptions and also plan for insurance and expenditure on healthcare without the need for actual paperwork. “Our solutions are complemented with the features that add offer support at every step of our patient’s journey. Practice Fusions has unraveled simple ways for the patients to submit insurance information, and prescription status before they step into the doctor’s office,” exclaims Howard. “We pride ourselves for this unique capability that sets us apart from our competitors.”

Insight, one of Practice Fusion’s solutions for analysts, enables them to forecast and analyze disease trends by gaining access to over thousands of medical and patient’s healthcare records.

The Insight serves as a realtime database to assess market share of drugs across the country. Furthermore, Practice Fusion focuses on identifying disease outbreaks to track Meaningful Use.

Additionally, the company’s Population Health Management Program provides insights to health experts and gathers relevant clinical information of patient populations with respiratory conditions using EHR platform. The program is designed to help improve care for patients with asthma and chronic lung The company is uniquely positioned to transform the health sector. With over a decade of experience, Practice Fusion has successfully gathered nearly 112,000 active health practitioners, adding around 800 to 900 patients a week. The service counts 70,000 pharmacies and 400 labs. The latest record shows that the web-based EHR platform has more than 100 million patients, which is about a third of the US population. Howard confidently beams about the company’s future, “Our EHR platform will soon replace front-office operations and paperwork procedures with online processes staff.” Moving ahead, Process Fusion aims to build new services that will eliminate a quarter-billion pieces of paper this year by replacing an average of seven page form with the newly launched online check-in procedure. Also the organization is preparing to extend the reach of its cloud-based offerings within the realm of healthcare community. “We’re focused on flow sheets this year and shall deliver a lot of functionality for subspecialties,” Howard reveals.

Our solutions are complemented with the features that add offer support at every step of our patient’s journey

Practice Fusion is on its way to revamp its existing solution stack for patients and introduce new EHR solutions like, ICD-10, Meaningful use Stage 3, and Telemedicine. “EHRs optimized for mobile use will be underlying all of the above, because the patients want mobility as much as doctors do. We shall ensure this will be achieved in the near future,” Howard concludes.