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PRAXIS EMR: Innovative Solutions to Track Medical Records

Richard Low, MD & CEO, PRAXIS EMRRichard Low, MD & CEO, PRAXIS EMR
In order to improve the healthcare facilities most of the physicians use EMR (Electronic Medical Record) to collect standard medical record and data of a patient. However, effectiveness of an EMR is marred by the time and effort it takes to generate useful patient information in the form of discrete data. Thus, the developers at Praxis EMR came up with an idea of developing an EMR that focuses on all the clinical needs of a physician and maintains quality health IT systems and software in a time and cost effective manner. Praxis EMR headquartered in California was the brainchild of CEO Dr. Richard Low. With a view to improve medical quality and develop innovative strategies for doctors to help their patients, the company has made progressive changes to effectively tackle the issues faced in healthcare industry. Praxis EMR launched Praxis EMR v5 that enables physician’s practice of medicine in a unique way. The addition of a new feature called Praxis Datum in Praxis EMR v5 resolves the incompatibility between naturally-written text and concrete data.

“Through Datum, it is now possible to embed discrete data directly into free text. The feature also resolves the queries of physicians and clinical research institutions,” begins Low. Praxis EMR v5 takes the celebrated Praxis Concept Processing technology to a new plateau. The Concept Processor, an artificial intelligence based technology, allows physicians to use database and in Praxis EMR v5 it acts as a second medical brain, recalling elements from past cases. This allows physician’s to chart using words and phrases, enables them to practice medicine in a unique way instead of restricting to data fields within template software. By using Praxis EMR software, doctors can have complete access of patient's record and save time to treat patients with similar diagnosis.

Products offered by Praxis EMR have ensured the company stays ahead of the competition. “Praxis EMR has received encouraging and positive response from physicians in the "Survey of Physicians" conducted during AAFP (The American Academy of Family Physicians) in 2015,” says Low. Furthermore, Praxis EMR has streamlined operations in various sectors of healthcare industry. Take the example of derma surgery. The surgery is performed by a dermatologic surgeon or certified physician who specializes in skin surgery. Maintaining the medical needs and cosmetic procedures is the primary focus in this sector. Some of the physicians in this sector have adopted the medicinal practices of Praxis EMR that helps them use EMR software to fine tune the history of medical assistants. There is no missing charts or delay in reviewing lab results.

By using Praxis EMR software, doctors can have complete access of patient's record and it saves time to treat patients with similar diagnosis

Low mentions, "As a physician, my experience as an Emergency Room doctor was the reason I started Praxis EMR 25 years ago. My vision has always been to help doctors in practice of medicine that I will continue to do in future too. Thus, we have created the most effective medical charting tool on the market.” Company has been spearheading in the path of progress with new technological advancements and products launched till date in the EMR Industry. Products like Praxis EMR v5 offered by Praxis EMR aims to collect the relevant data of a patient and allow physicians to electronically exchange prescription information with pharmacies. "Praxis EMR 6 will be launched this year which will include revamped client portal that will directly connect patients with their doctors and the product will advance Concept Processor," concludes Low.