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Zach Daigle, President, PreCheckZach Daigle, President, PreCheck
It is no secret that hiring in the healthcare industry is competitive and heavily regulated. In turn, background screening needs to be easy and convenient for both applicants to complete and hiring managers to manage. So when a large US-based health system started experiencing issues with their existing employment screening provider, they began to look elsewhere. The new hires that underwent background checks and drug tests complained of a poor experience, and the human resources leaders themselves were looking for a screening partner that truly understood the healthcare industry. This is where Houston-based PreCheck came to their rescue. Utilizing PreCheck’s thorough and timely background checks and drug tests, this large healthcare employer was able to comply with stringent employee screening protocols while providing new employees with enhanced experiences.

This instance highlights one of the many proficiencies of PreCheck in ensuring comprehensive talent screening that supports quality of care. Zach Daigle, president of PreCheck, explains, “In today’s highly competitive, dynamic healthcare environment, the ability to provide quality care begins with hiring the most qualified employees while also ensuring patient and staff safety.” With healthcare talent shortages, competitive hiring markets, and navigating industry regulations around hiring, it becomes extremely arduous for healthcare employers to hire the right talent. Partnering with a comprehensive and specialized provider like PreCheck makes all the difference. Today, the well-established company offers a wide range of services catered to healthcare employers, including employee credentialing, professional license management, exclusion and sanction screening, immunization tracking, electronic 1-9 and E-Verify processing and employee health screening. PreCheck currently serves over 4,000 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, educational institutions, and other ancillary healthcare organizations across the U.S.

At its core, PreCheck’s thorough and effective background screening program not only improves the safety of a healthcare organization in terms of its talent screening but also helps the facility avoid legal liabilities.

The key to PreCheck’s steady success lies in its willingness to listen to its clients, its ability to clearly understand their business objectives, and its capacity to effectively develop and deliver solutions that help them achieve their mission

Through its background checks, PreCheck helped HR departments move away from in-house screening, a responsibility that demanded considerable staff time and resources and the expertise that hospital HR staff lacked in conducting in-depth background investigations. To provide support to healthcare compliance departments, PreCheck offers its exclusion and sanction screening service, SanctionCheck, which produces actionable reports and ensures employers avoid civil monetary penalties. In addition, to ascertain staff credentials are valid, updated, and compliant, PreCheck also provides license verification and ongoing monitoring services. Using a proprietary healthcare license management system, LicenseManager Pro, PreCheck provides a continuous post-hire primary source verification of licenses, certifications, and registrations. With PreCheck’s LicenseManager Pro in place, healthcare providers can stay ahead of accreditation requirements and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directives. PreCheck’s suite of solutions is designed to effectively solve compliance challenges for healthcare employers.

The key to PreCheck’s steady success lies in its ability to clearly understand a client’s business objectives and accreditation needs for delivering the highest quality of care. This modus operandi has allowed the company to help numerous healthcare organizations and health sciences institutions optimize their background screening and compliance regime. PreCheck’s suite of healthcare talent screening tools helps organizations qualify and monitor talent throughout the full employee lifecycle.

Today, as a part of a continued mission ‘to connect people with information to advance the quality of healthcare,’ PreCheck is working on enhancing the effectiveness of its services by leveraging disruptive technologies like blockchain, robotic processing automation, and machine learning. At the same time, the firm is also investing a significant amount of time and effort to advance its employee monitoring capabilities. With a clear-cut goal to remain the healthcare industry’s trusted and preferred background screening partner, PreCheck is regularly upgrading its services portfolio to help healthcare organizations provide the highest quality of care by hiring and retaining the best qualified talent.

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Williamston, MI

Zach Daigle, President and Glenn Woolsey, CEO , PreCheck

PreCheck is a healthcare specific background screening firm helping healthcare organizations improve patient safety and quality of care with our suite of employment qualification tools. Our services have expanded beyond background verifications and credentialing to include outsourcing solutions to handle employee sanction screening, professional license management, employment verification, drug testing and I-9 E-Verify management. PreCheck was founded in 1983 to provide background investigation services for a diverse range of clients, and we have concentrated on healthcare background screening, credentialing and program integrity since 1993. To our founding expertise in criminal background investigation, we have thus added a strategic focus on the specialized needs of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.