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Ross E. Pope, PrescriberyRoss E. Pope, Prescribery
The healthcare industry has been witnessing various innovations in the past few years, with healthcare providers trying to deliver patients’ best possible experience. One of these innovations that have truly worked in favor of the patients and the pharma companies and physicians is telemedicine. While ‘telemedicine’ has been around for long, not every company has been making the best use of it. For example, even though the US has had a process wherein the patients visit the doctor and get the medication prescribed, which is directly sent to the pharmacy, there has been a gap in the way it is done. Several large and small companies have introduced telemedicine platforms, but most of them either lack the care provider’s or the patient’s perspective.

Prescribery, a California-based telemedicine company, bridges that gap and creates a seamless experience for patients, pharma companies, and doctors. With experience of more than a decade, the company makes a mark in the telemedicine space with its user-friendly, integrated platform that ensures a smooth experience for all the entities. Prescribery allows pharma companies to go direct to the patients. It eliminates all the necessary intermediaries and delivers a fast and efficient patient experience.

Prescribery’s platform is an outcome of the company’s extensive experience and expertise coupled with the co-founder and CEO, Joe Duarte’s vision to take the company to the top. A former Iraq veteran and MMA world champion, Joe brings skills, capabilities, and knowledge that prove significant for Prescribery to inch closer to his objective of connecting the dots and provide a well-equipped, integrated telemedicine solution. Under Joe’s leadership, Prescribery operates as a multi-faceted company with a doctor network through which it universally onboards doctors.

Another factor that Joe prides on is the company’s self-reliance in terms of making changes to its technology and customize every single experience that a manufacturer and doctor’s office need for their scope of work. The company also tries to continuously make its technology better from patients’ as well as the manufacturers’ perspectives, which remains a major differentiator for Prescribery. In Joe’s words, Prescribery makes ‘access to care’ as easy as an online shopping experience.

Joe Duarte, Co-founder, and CEO, Prescribery
Using the Prescribery app is as simple as creating an account on a social media app. All a patient needs to do is schedule an appointment and consult the doctor, and they will get the prescribed medications delivered at their doorsteps. If the patients intend to pick up their medicines themselves, they can visit the local pharmacy for the same.

And right from the point where the patients’ schedule appointment to the time they receive their medicines, Prescribery monitors everything carefully to know if they drop off at any point. And if they do, the team makes the desired changes to make the process flawless. “To do that, we have everything in our app, which makes it user-friendly, and if people don’t want to use technology, they can simply call our customer care,” adds Joe. The company recently had a third-party audit carried out by a large pharma company, which reported that our platform is the best they have ever seen. It speaks volumes about the kind of experience Prescribery’s technology imparts.

For the Prescribery team, it’s all about ‘connecting the dots’ and making its solution better for the patients

Further, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prescribery’s solutions have become all the more significant and critical for patients to access care seamlessly. “It basically fast tracked the world to utilize telemedicine more, and this is where we have changed a lot ourselves in last 9-10 months. We have realized how, in more ways, we can take out the good things that one gets from a doctor’s visit and eliminate all the bad things,” adds Joe.

For the Prescribery team, it’s all about ‘connecting the dots’ and making its solution better for the patients. The company places its patients at the forefront and listens to all of their feedback, and accordingly implements changes that can ensure a positive experience. Further, because the pandemic has financially hit many across the US, Joe and his team have been doing their bit in giving back to society by enabling the less fortunate to access healthcare facilities. “Ultimately, it’s about how are we making healthcare better for the people of the US, by providing better access to healthcare and giving better services they need to be more health conscious and get what they need,” concludes Joe.

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Ross E. Pope and Joe Duarte, Co-founder, and CEO , Prescribery

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