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ProcedureCard: Creating Seamless Preference Card Experiences

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Dr. Lenita Williamson, Founder, ProcedureCardDr. Lenita Williamson, Founder, ProcedureCard
The world of medicine revolves around discipline. While obtaining highly detailed reports of business operations is the prerogative of organizations in any and all industries, healthcare professionals are required to follow relatively more stringent policies to ensure that they deliver the best quality of patient care. One of the many regulatory-guided practices followed by doctors throughout the globe is that of physician preference cards: a system that helps hospitals manage their operating room (OR) activities effectively. Preference cards pave the way for seamless coordination before and after surgical procedures. However, in today’s age of cutting-edge healthcare IT, hospital administrators still find themselves employing the use of legacy, pen, and paper methods of creating and managing preference cards that have led to several inconveniences within the OR workflow throughout the industry. To help hospital administrations adopt and implement an effective preference card management system, ProcedureCard, a leading healthcare IT company, offers a comprehensive software solution that empowers surgeons, hospitals, and surgical centers to manage their operating rooms better.

“Many smaller facilities and ambulatory surgery centers still utilize legacy systems, which is a source of chaos when creating and, more importantly, updating their cards. Nurses and other staff members are often denied access to the preference card system. This causes significant delays in updating cards and keeping them accurate,” expresses Dr. Lenita Williamson, founder of ProcedureCard. As a practicing orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Lenita has witnessed firsthand the complications that can arise due to inefficient preference management systems. For this reason, she founded ProcedureCard to develop and provide her fellow professionals with a holistic solution that simplifies an otherwise precarious process.

Users can access our application via their laptops or smartphones and create/ update surgical preference cards with the help of our easily navigatable dashboard

ProcedureCard’s team of expert software engineers has developed a preference card management system that is easy to use and accessible through any connected device, all the while fostering seamless integration with many Electronic Health Records (EHRs). “Users can access our application via their laptops or smartphones and create cards with the help of our easily navigatable dashboard,” adds Dr. Lenita. With the help of the ProcedureCard’s solution, doctors, administrators, and surgical staff are empowered with the ability to generate cards from any location by simply entering and selecting the type of operation to be conducted with other relevant details. A card is promptly created, with a list of a doctor’s surgical preferences, eliminating any confusion and ensuring that a patient is given the best care possible. A well-defined preference card empowers the hospital to deliver patient care better while minimizing material and financial wastages.

Over the past few years, Dr. Lenita and her team have collaborated with many large health systems across the country, demonstrating their software and receiving overwhelmingly positive results. “We spent some time with various operating rooms, implementing our software, and learning from the experience. Customer feedback ensures that we add new features that the users want and need in a timely manner,” she adds. ProcedureCard, in response to customer feedback, included a very unique ‘revision history’ tool to the solution, which allows users to trace and cross-reference every change made while updating a card. “The goal is to establish a dynamic, well-informed and organized OR, where all parties involved are in the loop and are well-coordinated,” says Dr. Lenita.

Moving forward, ProcedureCard intends to continue in its efforts to streamline surgical workflows, while improving patient care worldwide. The company’s focus on its cloud security is commendable as well, where its engineers implement the best cybersecurity measures to safeguard the valuable personal and professional information of its clients. With the conversation of artificial intelligence also floating around in ProcedureCard’s office, the future of preference card management is set to witness a revolutionary upgrade.

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Modesto, California

Dr. Lenita Williamson, Founder, ProcedureCard

ProcedureCard solves the universal problem of inaccurate cards in the operating room. The list of supplies and instruments used in surgery is called the procedure/preference card. Surgical preference cards are used globally and most facilities use an archaic paper system or an inaccessible and inaccurate electronic system. Bad cards waste time, money, and resources within surgical facilities. ProcedureCard allows the team to access, update and create cards across devices in real time. ProcedureCard fixes your surgical preference card management system.