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Jason DeGoes, COO, ProPharma GroupJason DeGoes, COO, ProPharma Group
The healthcare sector has undergone a sea of change in the past decade, both in terms of how well informed patients intend to be about their diagnosis and treatments and how well connected the pharma and biotech companies are with the patients. While earlier pharma companies’ primary customers were physicians, it is not the case anymore. “These organisations have embraced the concept of patient engagement and patient centricity, realising the fact that patients are the people they are ultimately trying to help,” elaborates Jason DeGoes, COO at ProPharma Group. This company resonates with the importance of patient engagement and helps pharma and biotech companies ensure the same.

ProPharma Group works to improve patient health and safety by helping its clients achieve their patient engagement goals. The team at ProPharma does it through one of the company’s key service lines—medical information. This is one of the critical aspects of healthcare that can ensure significant help to patients in need if taken care of appropriately. To ensure the same, the company has communication centres around the world where educated and trained professionals attend to patients’ queries about their therapies, medicines, or anything else that can affect their treatment course. “It’s important because if patients are not confident in a therapy and how to use it, they need to have a place to turn to, and we are one of those places,” adds Jason. Especially in this age, when the world is battling a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to get the desired medical information and support when they cannot immediately visit a physician or a care centre. The ability to connect with somebody by phone or an online medium proves critical in such a scenario.

To consistently support the patients through their contact centres, ProPharma maintains databases that are interlinked. “We collect safety information through contact centers and prepare that on behalf of our clients in a way that after processing, analysing, and assessing it, the knowledge is put into a packaged leaflet with reference safety information summary of product characteristic, which goes back to the patient,” explains Thomas Chatzopoulos, vice president - global pharmacovigilance at ProPharma Group.

ProPharma operates as an ideal partner for pharma and biotech companies, not only because of the support it extends for their patient engagement programs but also because of its ability to assist them with almost all the critical operations they need to carry out. The company also offers a suite of pharmacovigilance (PV) services that prove significant for global pharma companies to develop a product and launch it. From early concept development to each clinical phase, product launch, and even commercialisation, ProPharma helps its clients deal with all the possible challenges.

Thomas Chatzopoulos, Vice President - Global Pharmacovigilance, ProPharma Group
And the firm makes it possible with its wide-ranging portfolio of services that also include regulatory affairs and life science consulting services apart from the medical information and pharmacovigilance service. “We have well-connected medical information, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and life science consulting departments to ensure that all aspects of developing and taking a product to market are covered, and our clients can really concentrate on developing the product and we can manage everything else,” adds Thomas. This makes ProPharma a one-stop-shop for biotech companies that look forward to bringing their solutions to market and, at the same time, intend to work consistently toward improving patient health and safety.

If patients are not confident in therapy and how to use it, they need to have a place to turn to, and we are one of those places

ProPharma’s related services are more relevant than ever today as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it critical for pharma companies to roll out vaccines as quickly as possible. ProPharma is working actively to support such clients in the development and distribution of their new vaccines. “We have professionals that are overseeing the release of these vaccines and our folks internally are very excited about the fact that they can do something to help people that are waiting to receive these vaccines,” remarks Jason.

One project that highlights how beneficial these services can be for clients is ProPharma partnered with a small biotech company that has developed a vaccine that will be available shortly. The client had to quickly be prepared to provide high-quality medical information service to their patients and healthcare professionals and ensure that it was carefully monitoring all of the appropriate safety information. ProPharma helped the client with the same and supported them in taking the vaccine to new countries every week. “In such situations, we have to build the program from the ground up and be prepared for what could be a high touch situation,” adds Jason.

In a nutshell, everything the ProPharma team does is aimed at improving patient health and safety. The company is always on the lookout for new ways to enable that mission, including expanding to new geographies and introducing additional services to complement the existing offerings. Recently, ProPharma also announced the acquisition of Diamond Pharma Services, a provider of regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and compliance and quality services. This acquisition is aimed at solidifying ProPharma Group’s position in the market. Another focus area for ProPharma is exploring new technologies such as artificial intelligence and others that can be utilised to collect, assess, and prepare safety data.

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ProPharma Group

ProPharma Group

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Jason DeGoes, COO and Thomas Chatzopoulos, Vice President - Global Pharmacovigilance, ProPharma Group

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