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Prospa Billing: Simplifying Dental Billing for Better Patient Outcomes

Manny Sidhu, CEO, Prospa BillingManny Sidhu, CEO, Prospa Billing
Dental practitioners often have to act as both doctors and administrators of non-clinical tasks, which makes running a dental clinic challenging. Combine this with the attention required to establish an effective billing process, and dentists lose focus on their core task of treating patients. Outsourcing billing and collections can free dentists and their staff to focus on care delivery.

These complications are why many dentists partner with Prospa Billing, a HIPAA-compliant, dedicated dental billing company that enables efficient billing and reimbursement processes to maximize a practice’s overall revenue. Owned and operated by the same diverse group of professionals who founded the company, Prospa Billing serves dental practices of all specialties and sizes across the U.S.

“For dentists, Prospa Billing takes care of every single insurance related task, be it submitting claims on their behalf or reviewing every claim for accuracy,” says Manny Sidhu, CEO of Prospa Billing.

Prospa Billing makes proper adjustments, adds missing patient information, corrects, and resubmits denied claims to ensure its clients receive 100% of payments. It collaborates with dental practices using innovative tools like the Smartsheet dashboard, Slack, and Splashtop remote management software to efficiently manage billing and insurance verification tasks.

Its accounts receivable follow-up team also plays a critical role by consistently communicating with insurance carriers to ensure that dentists always take the necessary action based on feedback and responses. In addition, Prospa Billing’s representatives accurately process and post all insurance payments and adjustments for each claim and submit secondary claims, if needed, within 24 hours.
  • For dentists, Prospa Billing takes care of every single insurance related task, be it submitting claims on their behalf or reviewing every claim for accuracy

A recent client collaboration showcases the benefits of these end-to-end billing services. Virginia-based Zen Family Dental is a thriving practice offering general family dentistry, implants, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care. Over the years, as the practice enjoyed consistent growth, its administrative staff experienced mounting pressure. Insurance billing became increasingly complex, requiring a lot of manual work that eventually led to more errors and the need to hire additional staff, adversely affecting its cash flow. Prospa Billing’s integrated outsourced billing and collection system enhanced the accuracy of their financial data by eliminating paper-based processes, allowing more significant emphasis on the delivery of the best possible patient care. As a result, Zen Family Dental increased its revenues by 12%, proving how a partnership with Prospa Billing can improve a dental practice’s bottom line.

Many similar success stories are helping Prospa Billing progress toward its mission to create a more patient centric world where healthcare providers can focus on their patients instead of administrative tasks. As a result, Prospa Billing is set to onboard more clients and help dental and oral surgeons throughout the U.S. deliver the best patient outcomes.

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Prospa Billing

Prospa Billing

Cheshire, CT

Manny Sidhu, CEO, Prospa Billing

Owned and founded by a diverse group of medical professionals, Prospa Billing explicitly serves dental practices of all specialties and sizes nationwide. The owners, management team, and billing experts at Prospa Billing are committed to meeting clients' needs professionally.