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Qardio: Redefining the RPM Landscape

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Mike Alvarez, CEO, QardioMike Alvarez, CEO, Qardio
In light of the pandemic, the need to provide more efficient and convenient care to patients took center stage. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) quickly filled that role and brought about significant improvements in clinical outcomes. Furthermore, when integrated into electronic health records, RPM was also able to increase medical accuracy and decrease the effort of obtaining and documenting patients’ vital signs manually. Now in 2022, as the effects of the pandemic slowly begin to fade, the RPM market is faced with an entirely new challenge. How can RPM solutions deliver better remote monitoring to raise the bar of healthcare outcomes for chronic care, all the while saving time, enhancing efficiency, and enabling quick interventions and diagnosis?

Functioning as a remote health monitoring specialist since 2012, Qardio has the answer.

Started as a consumer healthcare digital smart device company, Qardio leverages its deep knowledge in digital healthcare to provide physicians with an end-to-end RPM and telehealth service, QardioDirect to manage chronic care patients. This intuitive interface is instrumental in helping clinicians improve patient outcomes by delivering remote, continuous, value-based care with ease.

“Our goal is to transform the healthcare industry with simpler, smarter, and more effective RPM solutions that cater to health conscious users, patients, doctors, and healthcare providers alike,” says Mike Alvarez, the CEO of Qardio. To this end, the company brings together the right combination of innovative technologies, high-end design, and exceptional user experience to its solution suite that encompasses QardioMD platform and a diverse range of health monitoring devices.

The linchpin of Qardio’s product portfolio is its ambulatory ECG monitor system, QardioCore that helps identify atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias. Designed to monitor and stream ECG from 24 to 48 hours, this medical-grade wireless device presents a golden standard in the ECG monitoring space and the most sought-after product for cardiologists and electrophysiologists.

The QardioMD platform, combined with these clinicallyvalidated, award-winning devices provides a reliable communication link between physicians and patients. By integrating these devices to its proprietary cloud-based platform, the company measures patient vitals and collects the data that clinicians can use to monitor their health remotely. QardioMD will then provide physicians with comprehensive, accurate, timely, and actionable data, allowing them to track abnormalities in patient vitals and make better decisions on their care path. This helps in significantly enhancing the efficiency in care delivery.

Designed for efficient and consistent workflows across a wide range of care modalities, QardioMD allows for fast patient reviews and successful interventions. The platform integrates with EHRs, billing tools, and other systems quickly and easily unlike others that rely on tedious onboarding processes. While a typical RPM solution requires separate actions to feed discreet data into EHRs, Qardio’s platform allows for streaming data into clients existing systems in real time.

Our goal is to transform the healthcare industry with simpler, smarter, and more effective RPM solutions that cater to health conscious users, patients, doctors, and healthcare providers alike

Backed by its customer-first approach, Qardio’s technology has enabled it to glean a broad customer base globally. The company adopts a unique three-pronged approach while engaging with clients. This includes field specialists for onboarding patients at clinic level, customer service team for answering client queries, and field service professionals—fueling Qardio’s quest to provide individual care to customers.

In one instance, Qardio’s solution served as an ideal solution for a large IDN struggling with increased FTE to track their chronically-ill patients. By automatically streaming patient vitals into their EHR, the platform was able to speed up IDN tracking time by a vast margin and improve patient outcomes.

Riding on the wave of a winning streak, Qardio is leveraging its global footprint to enhance its growth every year. The company anticipates a 300 percent increase in sales in the next couple of years owing to its proven capabilities in the RPM space. “We’re well positioned to help the U.S. healthcare market with our platform, devices, and solutions,” informs Alvarez.

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Mike Alvarez, CEO, Qardio

Qardio provides physicians with an end-to-end RPM and telehealth service, QardioDirect that helps manage chronic care patients.