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RCG Global Services: Converting Healthcare Data into Meaningful and Actionable Information

Jim Dwyer, SVP of Healthcare, RCG Global ServicesJim Dwyer, SVP of Healthcare, RCG Global Services
With the growth of value based care, and new types of risk arrangements, the healthcare industry today is facing an ever escalating pace of change. A huge amount of data is acting as a catalyst in this revolution. Taking a pragmatic approach, RCG Global Services help organizations unlock the data in their legacy systems, and combine it with new data sources to support increasing risks and clinical quality improvement. “We deal with analytics to integrate structured and unstructured data impacting healthcare organizations,” affirms Jim Dwyer, SVP of Healthcare, RCG Global Services.
The company specializes in three major services—advisory, data and analytics and business applications. “We offer data analytic strategy, road mapping, development of data governance, integrity initiatives and data management services to healthcare providers and insurers,” asserts Dwyer. RCG assists Risk Bearing Organizations (RBOs) that seek to turn data into meaningful and actionable information in the quickest, cheapest and most secure manner. “Further, we not only evaluate customers’ risk sharing profile, we also evaluate their analytics maturity for the current as well as upcoming risk profiles,” says Dwyer. The company assists customers to move up their analytics maturity curve through analytic dimensions of reporting to predicting, and providing a 360 degree view of the customers’ health status together with access to clinical data and administrative data.

To stay relevant in this continuously evolving healthcare landscape, RCG addresses basic questions on the ways to help RBOs manage and identify their biggest area of risk, alongside measuring it through analytics. Discovering the answers, the company not only transforms this data into information but also extends it for better patient management.

RCG prides itself for having healthcare analytics deep in its DNA alongside data warehousing services for payers and providers. “Our 40 years of analytics expertise helps support customer centric approaches to healthcare,” says Dwyer. RCG believes in approaching the market with the ‘clients first’ formula that has given the company a vast client base. For instance, one of the Midwest’s payers needed assistance to manage the changes contributed by the Affordable Care Act, an aging and sicker population, and increased pressure from national carriers. RCG was engaged to provide the necessary steps to increase the organization’s ability to make quick decisions in this changing landscape along with a roadmap for driving improvement. RCG utilized a combination of senior executive interviews, workshops, comparative analysis, and weighting techniques to formulate business drivers. “Through these drivers, the organization realized the benefits of improvement in payment policy compliance, reduced time for identifying fraudulent claims and reduced medical costs,” says Dwyer. RCG’s 40 years of deep healthcare and analytics expertise is evident from customer centric approaches to healthcare.

We deal with analytics to integrate structured and unstructured data impacting healthcare organizations

As the health care market is moving around RBOs to share risks, RCG aspires to be practical and incremental for delivering results to RBO clients. Dwyer agrees that to hold clients in their portfolio it’s extremely essential for service organizations to show constant impact on the client’s risk profile. With their expertise in Big Data and analytics, the company’s roadmap is to continue investing on skills and partnerships that help serve clients.