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Readiness Rounds: An All-Inclusive Hospital Entrance Protocol for Patient Safety

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Don Death, Founder & CEO, Readiness RoundsDon Death, Founder & CEO, Readiness Rounds
Every year, over 700,000 hospitalized patients acquire healthcare-associated infections (HAI) due to the environment of care. The risk has significantly increased with the COVID-19 outbreak, making hospitals, long-term care, and assisted living facilities a hotspot for infections and disease transmission. The dramatic turn of events in 2020 has drastically changed the way patients, visitors, employees, and vendors access and approach healthcare facilities. It has further done away with entry into these establishments without proper monitoring and created a firm vigilance among healthcare facilities to manually install checkpoints and barriers within a short time. Even though hospitals were able to install new systems for scanning people to prevent the spread of any infection, these mechanisms proved to be unsustainable and were not properly integrated with the hospital systems. They also came with their fair share of instability and unreliability from both a cost and a process point of view.

Helping healthcare facilities provide a safer and reliable experience to patients is Readiness Rounds, with its all-inclusive five-point hospital entrance protocol, Well Screen. The company offers a systematic and integrated approach to fundamentally change how individuals access hospitals by being extra cautious right at the facility’s entrance by screening the temperature and conducting wellness symptoms checks. “The product design of Well Screen is undoubtedly the result of the pandemic, which is one of the most unprecedented events for the healthcare sector. Nonetheless, it expands beyond COVID-19 to accommodate the ongoing shift in how people access the healthcare setting,” states Don Death, Founder & CEO, Readiness Rounds.

The company has successfully designed an integrated entry point for hospitals through its product Well Screen. It is an intuitive device that’s installed on a mobile stand. It does not require the users to touch it at any given point. Once an individual approaches Well Screen, it immediately scans their temperature and prompts them to respond to symptoms checks that are completely customizable. The device further assesses employees, issues masks, and records the masks’ issuance while maintaining the back-end information.

If a person is detected with high temperature or any other symptoms, Well Screen automatically generates an internal notification to the healthcare facility to help the individual in the safest manner. “Well Screen has taken all the activities involving screening, checking, and allowing entry from disparate systems and automated it all within a single device,” adds Death.

Kimberlee Aubrey, COO, Readiness Rounds

On the other hand, if any employee is detected with symptoms, it alerts the organization and stops them from entering the building. It then automatically notifies the employee health department and the respective supervisor that the individual is at the screening station and requires assistance. Simultaneously, they get issued an action screening alert that lets them know the next steps to follow. The screened employees need to ensure that they adhere to all the safety protocols and inform their supervisor to initiate the diagnostic process depending on the symptoms they exhibit. Well Screen can be installed in about six weeks, offering a high-reliability platform and process for healthcare. Using the Readiness Rounds platform, healthcare facilities can ensure patient satisfaction, check the completion of medical records, and human resource filing. In a nutshell, this platform enables hospitals to monitor and check all its departments and functionalities via a single interface.

Well Screen has taken all the activities involving screening, checking, and allowing entry from disparate systems and automated it all within a single device

From a data management perspective, the platform offers frontline list managers and supervisors complete visibility into all the files within one dashboard. This also helps prioritize their performance index based on where they have the highest filing or the most number of leads. This system further holds each employee accountable for their work. It ensures hospitals are capable and well-equipped to perform consistent checks and take appropriate actions to create a safer healthcare setting. The Readiness Rounds platform allows hospitals to monitor the reliability of the systems and processes while identifying performance improvement priorities. It also comes with a comprehensive reporting capability to support the regulatory compliance side of the operations within hospitals. “Our specialty is getting the right data to the right people at the right time so that they can take action. This capability applies to Well Screen as well,” mentions Kimberlee Aubrey, COO, Readiness Rounds.

As one of the frontrunners in changing the way healthcare facilities are accessed, Readiness Rounds is improving its deployment capability to make it all the more sophisticated. They are looking to widen the application of Well Screen, beyond the pandemic to help control and monitor the flu. Going forward, Readiness Rounds aims to make hospitals safer with its innovative services that continually build high-reliability, ensure patient safety, and improve performance in every area of the healthcare facility.

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Readiness Rounds

Readiness Rounds

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Don Death, Founder & CEO and Kimberlee Aubrey, COO , Readiness Rounds

Readiness Rounds helps maintain patient safety, quality of care, and satisfaction by transforming hospitals into high-reliability organizations with its high-reliability platform that now includes a five-point integrated screening platform Well Screen