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ReadyPoint Health: Standardized Quality and Compliance Initiatives

Peter Clifton,  CEO, ReadyPoint HealthPeter Clifton, CEO, ReadyPoint Health
The mechanisms and processes that ensure healthcare compliance must be unimpeachable because they are fraught with complications. Why? Because healthcare compliance is not a single discipline but rather a discipline that touches many areas; from patient safety and clinical quality measures, to data security and privacy protection. For this, health system leaders need to integrate new technologies, while adapting the existing work processes to incorporate constantly evolving compliance requirements.

At times, new compliance initiatives are viewed by frontline staff as burdensome on top of what is already an extremely demanding workflow. Besides, in the age of big data and predictive analytics, the paper-based processes are cumbersome, inefficient, and cause substantial drain of workforce time and resources. ReadyPoint Health, Inc. a provider of rounding and compliance solutions for the healthcare sector is more focused on the underlying opportunities covered by a seemingly challenging situation. Peter Clifton, CEO at ReadyPoint Health, explains that the key strategy toward improved compliance is to create new, automated workflows that support quality and performance, while not disrupting patient care or adversely affecting workforce morale. Working toward enabling this, ReadyPoint focuses on moving away from paper-based process to technology-driven compliance management.

ReadyPoint’s integrated mobile and web platform is designed to bring accreditation processes into the data age by automating and standardizing paper surveys, tracers, inspections and audits. The platform also gives health systems the power to measure and track their compliance against accreditation standards in real-time. Most importantly, these features are delivered via an intuitive mobile platform, which makes it easy to deploy quality and compliance initiatives at the frontline of care delivery. “Hospitals use ReadyPoint’s platform to automate and streamline processes in order to improve quality, environment of care, facilities management,

infection control and risk, while measuring their performance against the standards set forth by regulatory and accreditation bodies including the Joint Commission, CMS and DNV,” explains Clifton.

Further, the platform delivers consistency, standardization, accountability and promotes regulatory and compliance readiness. “The software provides a clean and intuitive user interface across our mobile and web application which makes it easy for hospital staff to use it and encourages high utilization and adoption in clinical settings,” adds Clifton.

ReadyPoint is easy to implement, simple to use, powerful and effective. Additionally, the platform empowers proactive daily rounding where surveys can be completed faster and findings can be reported and more efficiently addressed. As an example, ReadyPoint is being utilized by a leading Regional Health System with 25 facilities. Their Associate Quality Improvement Director said, “ReadyPoint facilitated the best Joint Commission Audit we’ve ever had! The results were due to the automation of our tracers and the high utilization of ReadyPoint by our staff, especially using iPads and iPhones.”

ReadyPoint’s comprehensive reporting tools provide instant access to actionable compliance data to monitor, track, analyze and improve performance. The mobile application prompts users to work on their own personalized survey and checklist assignments, while making it easy to report findings and receive notifications without disrupting daily workflows. The company has enabled all of its clients to receive the intended benefits within a few months of implementation.

ReadyPoint focuses on moving away from paper-based process to technology driven compliance strategies

Clifton explains that going forward; ReadyPoint is focused enhancing their platform. “This summer we are launching a new version of the ReadyPoint Mobile application and our new Standards Module for Joint Commission, DNV and CMS Standards integration is now available. This exciting development provides users with the ability to view and search through Standards data, follow extensive cross links between them, link survey questions to Standards and report on progress against Standards measures like EPs.