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ReaLifeSim, LLC: Train the Way You Treat

Elizabeth Roth Benson, Co-Founder & CEO, ReaLifeSim, LLCElizabeth Roth Benson, Co-Founder & CEO, ReaLifeSim, LLC
The motivation for ReaLifeSim’s product development comes from the creators’ clinical and educational experiences that highlighted a disconnect between what clinical education prepares future providers to do—and what they will actually experience. ReaLifeSim’s unique solution is their globally utilized wearable hybrid simulators.

“Linda Goodman, RN, CHSE, Co-founder and I saw the need for a better way to “train the way you treat” in our own clinical education environments,” shared Elizabeth Benson, RN, Co-founder, and CEO.

ReaLifeSim focuses on the human sensory systems and includes a variety of fidelity dimensions (physical, conceptual, psychological) to achieve a sense of “presence” in the learner/ participant.

“Doctors, nurses, paramedics, corpsmen, first responders provide care for real people in vulnerable, potentially dangerous conditions. As providers, we interact with people the entire time we’re assessing our patients, providing the necessary interventions, and reacting to the situation and environment,” Benson explained.

Their unique products provide safe, repeated skills practice on a live person, allowing the learner to interact as they would in a real-life situation, creating a “train the way you treat” learning experience. They also promote a heightened sense of “presence” and emotional connection by engaging learners’ senses and emotions in a “real-life” simulation.

ReaLifeSim provides interactivity features including multi-sensory learning- visual, tactile, auditory, and realistic practice and assessment of skills—classroom, tactical, and humanitarian training scenarios.

“As clinicians, we’re committed to promote a revitalized focus on the human element of patient-centric care, clinical training, and improved outcomes.

As educators, we’re also committed to provide competency-based training and assessment,” reported Benson. To this end, ReaLifeSim replicates anatomy and interaction with high levels of fidelity and embedded sensor and App technologies, characterizing the array of functions.

ReaLifeSim products were designed to support Objective Structured Clinical Examination, Competency-based Training, and Competency-based Assessments. Embedded sensors detect IV catheter insertions that go beyond the depth of the vessels and their RLSimApp records, saves, and stores individual learner hands-on catheter insertions and communication skills performance with remote access for student and instructor review and feedback.

Leveraging the widespread expansion of mobile devices, they bridge clinical simulation training to the cloud, providing learners 24-7 accessibility to review skills performance. Similar to telemedicine, guidance from an instructor in a different physical/geographic location is possible.

ReaLifeSim’s technology interoperability includes four language localizations (English, Spanish, French, German) on the App & web-portal to foster partnerships and medical interoperability to meet global needs; modular sensors with flexible data, stand-alone format or connected, and communication using BLE GATT profiles.

Users in varied environments have provided enthusiastic feedback following their experiences with ReaLifeSim. From a recent Urban Search & Rescue course, “It was a hot day, the crews were tired, and they’d been crawling through rubble for hours… working with ReaLifeSim IV Trainers was extremely helpful, adding that extra realism during the intense scenario.” BSN Program Faculty reported, “The students really loved working with and wearing ReaLifeSim. I was pleased to see the blood return was more realistic than a simulation arm and I like that we can use it to practice giving medications.” A telemedicine physician shared, “We’ve seen a decrease in time to treatment when nurses train with ReaLifeSim, which improves our patient outcomes.”

ReaLifeSim is redefining clinical simulation training - bringing together IoT, bleeding edge technology, and the equally important human element of patient-centric care. Learners safely experience the influence of human factors. Instructors leverage the combined benefits in a learner-centered pedagogical approach. Patients benefit from improved direct person-to-person healthcare delivery.

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ReaLifeSim, LLC

Melbourne, FL

Elizabeth Roth Benson, Co-Founder & CEO , ReaLifeSim, LLC

ReaLifeSim is a provider of wearable products that help to emphasize the influence of human factors while performing under pressure, by replicating real-life clinical skills training. ReaLifeSim products are easy to set up in just 5 to 10 minutes and are realistic, durable, portable, with no messy cleanup. Additionally, there’s an option to work with expert guidance from a professional that may be in a different physical/geographic location, similar to telemedicine, with language localization ability. ReaLifeSim products are used in classrooms and labs, hospitals and clinics, fields and farms, and scenarios/training events, including disaster, close-space, and austere rescue environments