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Reflexion Health: Accessible and Affordable Care

Joseph “Joe” Smith, CEO, Reflexion HealthJoseph “Joe” Smith, CEO, Reflexion Health
Making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable is a national imperative and should be a potent driver for innovation. US healthcare costs continue to soar, consuming nearly 18 percent of our nation’s productivity. Moreover, as we head into the ‘season’ of retirement for the baby boomers and experience an overall aging demographic, all predictions point to ever increasing healthcare costs. One area under growing scrutiny in the search of healthcare value-for-money is post-acute care.

Patients recovering from injury or illness or surgery are often in need of a period of physical rehabilitation lasting from weeks to months. Delivery of cost-effective post-acute care rehabilitation can place logistical strains on the patient, their families, and their clinicians, as the requirement for face-to-face supervision during physical therapy results in either patients or clinicians traveling to meet the other. Alternatively, home-based physical therapy, requiring patients to perform their therapy according to printed instructions, has historically resulted in poor compliance. Patients need a less burdensome solution than frequent face-to-face visits and also more successful than instruction-based self-guided exercises.

A veteran in the healthcare industry, Joseph (Joe) Smith, MD, Ph.D., leads Reflexion Health as it makes good on delivering a patient-centric, value-based, and data-driven solution that uses engaging avatars and 3-D imaging systems to help patients perform their appropriate physical therapy exercises in the comfort of their home.

Reflexion Health brings forward a user-friendly virtual therapy platform that leverages educational material, animated avatars, and 3D imaging for motion tracking to provide encouragement and audio-visual feedback to the patient recovering at home.

We believe providing virtual support in an interactive method will help patients recover faster from the safety of their home

The solution includes a clinician-facing dashboard and a telemedicine portal to allow both quick review and detailed interaction on the patient’s progress in their home-based recovery.

“We believe providing engaging tools, audiovisual feedback about patient’s progress and virtual support in an interactive framework will help patients recover faster from the safety of their home,” says Smith, CEO, Reflexion Health. The company’s virtual therapy solution, VERATM, facilitates clinical guidance throughout the pre- and post-surgery period from a patient’s home. Clinicians can tailor the information provided and the therapies prescribed and can use the platform to conduct online-based video consultations at any time, leveraging the data accumulated through the platform to alter the schedule and type of therapy and monitor a patient’s progress.

Another interesting aspect of VERA is that it has been developed by an experienced team of gaming industry engineers. The kit comes with a touch-screen monitor, a WI-FI card, and a simple hand-held remote that’s easier to use than a TV.

The opportunity to broaden the horizon of home-based recovery is also clear to Smith. Earlier this year, he formed Digital Health Corp as the parent company to Reflexion Health and purchased Constant Therapy (now renamed The Learning Corp) effectively extending the portfolio to now include software-based tools to aid speech, language, and cognitive rehabilitation. “We are focused on enhancing patient’s experience throughout diagnosis to the rehabilitation period. With the data, we are collecting, and the tools we are building, we hope to revolutionize post-acute care rehabilitation,” concludes Smith.