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RelayHealth: Health Connections Brought to Life

Jeff Felton, President, RelayHealthJeff Felton, President, RelayHealth
Healthcare firms that have switched to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) cannot imagine going back to paper. As providers are becoming more fluent with latest technologies, EHRs and HIEs are boosting efficiency and increasing reimbursements while improving patient care. That being said, maintaining the stability of the electronic environment to execute seamless exchange of information remains a daunting challenge for various healthcare entities. Extending their support to such firms, RelayHealth has developed HIE solutions that pave a secure and reliable pathway for patients, providers, pharmacies, and payers to exchange information, while remaining tandem with the regulatory laws.

Georgia based RelayHealth facilitates secure exchange of clinical, financial, and administrative records between patients, providers, payers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government agencies. The company’s Enterprise HIE software offers clinical data aggregation into longitudinal community health records to enhance care coordination for healthcare providers. It connects healthcare IT products to more than 120 different electronic systems. “Our software provides advanced custom terminology mapping for the systems that are connected,” says Jeff Felton, President, RelayHealth. The company also offers connectivity between hospitals and patients, allowing healthcare users to communicate with each other more proficiently and securely.

For providers, RelayHealth has tailored a clinical integration engine to serve patients in a more convenient fashion. The engine helps providers manage patient identity, patient consent and privacy rules, and clinical terminology mapping across disparate acute and ambulatory technology systems. “Our clinical integration platform brings together EHRs, claims, labs, pharmacy benefits (PBMs) and clinical data, regardless of source file format,” says Felton.

Our clinical integration platform brings together EHRs, claims, labs, pharmacy benefits (PBMs) and clinical data, regardless of source file format

As a result, when a patient shows up in an emergency department (ED), the engine allows a provider to query the clinical data repository, translate the patient’s identity, and pull in the patient’s community health record, ensuring that only the correct and consented information is shared.

RelayHealth’s HIE platform also provides agility to patient engagement. Through the company’s HIE solution, patients can have online access to their physicians and their health records in a plain sailing approach. Patients can also apply for online appointments, view their test results, and get in contact with the authority 24X7.

To provide these benefits to its patients and physicians, HealthEast Care System, a non-profit health care organization, selected RelayHealth to enable the aggregation of patient data across their EHR. “Providers like HealthEast are preparing to meet challenges such as emerging payment models and effective care coordination both in and out of their network,” says Felton. “Our partnership with HealthEast will help them collaborate with physicians that run a wide range of vendor systems for a robustly populated longitudinal patient record that will help streamline processes, provide actionable data to make it easier for them to coordinate care for their patients, and ultimately, better manage risk across patient populations.”

Behind the success of RelayHealth lies the year-long experience of professionals that possesses unique channel strength across all key segments of healthcare. Leveraging their expertise and the technologies derived by them, healthcare firms—including Atlantic Health System, Metro Health—have successfully switched to EHR and HIE to optimize their communication quotient. “Our company values continuous development process and we will continue enhancing our HIE interoperability and clinical solutions in the near future,” concludes Felton.