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ReLi Med Solutions: Providing a High Quality Fully Integrated EMR System

Renu Kasula, CEO & Cofounder, ReLi Med SolutionsRenu Kasula, CEO & Cofounder, ReLi Med Solutions
As more and more providers are adopting electronic health records and exchanging information, "the ability of an EMR/EHR system to consume data and present a personalized health maintenance plan for the patient in real time, stands as the tipping point for all healthcare applications," remarks Renu Kasula, CEO and Co-founder, ReLi Med Solutions. As a panacea, ReLi Med Solutions provides a fully integrated EMR system that is highly customizable, making it easy to capture information in a granular way. The company focuses on offering a state-of-the-art certified system without compromising on the workflow. This stands particularly true with the implementation of ICD-10, which further augments the need for accurate and correct clinical documentation; ReLi Med Solutions ensures a seamless transition of a regulatory requirement without any revenue loss.

ReLi Med Solutions follows a holistic approach in developing their tools by adding features that improve workflow and the efficiency of a healthcare practice. “As care is rendered, our automated coding feature converts the procedures to billable claims. This enables our clients to not only deliver high quality healthcare to their patients, but also generate the revenue they deserve,” informs Kasula. The company offers ePrescriptions, electronic interfaces to labs, registries, patient portal, secure email, document management and practice management.

ReLi Med EMR makes it easy to collect clinical data from various sources including hospitals, labs, pharmacies, patient portal and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) through complex networks, which are transparent to the user. The information is then processed and care alerts are provided. In addition, ReLi Med EMR is designed with a focus on user-experience. The screens are laid out to be simple, and easy on the eyes, without bright colors, clutter or hard to understand icons. There is a uniformity that is maintained throughout the application, which makes it extremely easy-to-learn without much training.

Unlike other systems, where guidelines come prepackaged in a limited set, health guidelines in ReLi Med EMR can be created in seconds. Every new feature that is added to the system is carefully designed to adhere to the same standards. For a Primary Care Office with single provider, implementation of the ReLi Med EMR helped save $12,540 in the first year. The intuitiveness and workflow of the EMR system helps providers become expert users in a short period of time.

In the near future, ReLi Med Solutions' goal is to bring a system that is fully integrated with intuitive workflows that starts before a patient steps into the office and ends with follow up care. The company also plans on developing evidence-based medicine and enhancing information exchange processes. “Our focus will not be limited to developing software that delivers high quality care, but we will also render Revenue Cycle Management services to increase revenue by sending out clean claims,” ends Kasula.

The intuitiveness and workflow of ReLiMed EMR helps providers become expert users in a short period of time