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Revation Systems, Inc.: Taking Healthcare Communication Security to the Next Level

Perry Price, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Revation Systems, IncPerry Price, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Revation Systems, Inc
Today, patients, who are already accustomed to the intuitive e-commerce service experience, expect the same from their care providers. Patients want access to care beyond the walls of hospitals, delivered to their mobile device seamlessly and effectively. To enhance patient experience by taking the care where the patients are, healthcare providers are undergoing a digital transformation, augmenting their contact centers with unified communications and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. However, new technology runs the risk of data theft, where cybercriminals target the information exchanged between contact center agents and patients due to which the healthcare providers face huge regulatory fines and loss of patient trust. To help healthcare organizations deploy and maintain secure communication patients, Revation Systems, Inc. was founded in 2003. “We make agent-to-patient communications more secure, simplistic, and affordable,” says Perry Price, the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Revation Systems, Inc. The company’s secure healthcare communication solutions are HIPAA-compliant, and the company recently renewed its HITRUST certification, including the extended controls for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements. The latest assessment included over 600 security controls.

Revation offers LinkLive, its flagship cloud-based call center solution. A unique combination of secure, HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST CSF certified communications with virtual call center and multi-point video capabilities, LinkLive supports a wide variety of use cases. Areas of its application comprise advanced medical contact centers, dynamic specialist consults, on-the-fly care coordination, and more. LinkLive provides secure, encrypted messaging that safeguards messages between a provider’s employees, existing customers, and prospects.

Among its other benefits, LinkLive is delivered via a robust, redundant cloud environment that reduces deployment time, the providers’ capital outlays, and operating expenses. “Healthcare organizations in more than 20 U.S. states and international locations utilize Revation’s LinkLive technology,” extols Price.

Revation’s human-connected bot, Reva leverages lightweight AI technology to automate the front end of incoming sessions in a contact center. “LinkLive and Reva AI make digital transformation consumable for organizations in the healthcare industry,” says Price. The Reva Agent Advisor solution offers a pre-packaged and pre-configured tone analysis based on agent roles for nurse triage, scheduling, and specialty group agents at medical centers. The data captured by tone analysis facilitates real-time awareness and adjustment of the agents’ vocal tones in their conversation with the patient. Moreover, desktop recording playback from patient sessions offers significant insight into Revation’s contact center management, helping improve healthcare security.

LinkLive and Reva AI make digital transformation consumable for organizations in the healthcare industry

A Midwest regional healthcare system headquartered in Minnesota currently deploys Revation’s LinkLive and uses the solution to engage patients in a voice call, web chat, video conference, or utilize desktop and file sharing—all through one secure and user-friendly tool.

Revation’s Mobile Worker solution is an integrated application that provides on-site caseworkers with the tools required to efficiently perform on-site case visits. Mobile Worker offers critical data such as the status of scheduled visits, travel time, scheduled breaks, call preparation, call follow-up, client details, and more. The solution allows caseworkers to securely communicate with colleagues and clients from any mobile device.

Setting Revation apart from its competitors are the company’s features of being vertically focused on healthcare and having a day-one security approach in the healthcare arena. Another differentiator is their belief in innovative packaging and simplification of how their customers can get the technology they need for success in this new generation of healthcare where they are dealing with online and retailing competitors.