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ReveLution: The Revolution in Medical Billing

Nicole Keon, CEO, ReveLutionNicole Keon, CEO, ReveLution
The application of technology in the healthcare domain has saved countless lives. However, medical billing continues to be a tedious process even today. Billing disputes persist as insurance companies issue more restrictive coverage policies and restrictor authorization requirements resulting in an increase in claim denials. Denials have a direct impact on the financial health and overall success of hospitals and medical groups alike. Often the delay that occurs in resolving these issues can have significant consequences. A solid Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can make all the difference, and technology has evolved to be a vital catalyst that can combat the problems of the traditional medical billing department. RCM can now leverage medical billing software to scrub claims more efficiently at the point of submission, analyze root denial issues, and reconcile claims to ensure complete capture of services. The efficiency that technology brings should mean the process is getting simpler and denied claims are becoming a thing of the past, but that positive impact has not been realized. This is mainly due to the healthcare industry being notoriously slow to adopt technology with contributing factors of cost, training, implementation, and apprehension toward change. Teaming up with the right RCM provider can be a crucial decision as the goal of streamlining processes can result in less claim denials. This will also ensure that providers are paid for their services.

ReveLution is a company, which prides itself on providing a dynamic and unique set of solutions and services. The firm delivers to its clients timely, accurate, and compliant billing solutions. They seek to fill a gap in the industry where large RCM firms have technology but are impersonal and patients lose the personal touch of an in-house billing department. Provider’s also lose the direct feedback regarding processes that can optimize their collections for services. On the other side of the spectrum, smaller billing companies or in-house departments often do not seek to innovate through technology, and they do not have contacts within the payer industry that are necessary for effective collaboration with insurance. ReveLution’s goal has been to be the best of both worlds.

Candace Somoza, Chief Operating Officer, ReveLutionCandace Somoza, Chief Operating Officer, ReveLution
Blending their contacts and expertise in the industry with efficient processes using technology, without losing the human connection that allows them to provide personal billing department support to providers and their patients.

Recently, ReveLution helped one of their clients to overcome their challenges by introducing ‘schedule review.’ The company reviewed all the upcoming appointments and insurances and made sure it knew the providers and the networks that they were a part of. The service delivered by the firm had a significant positive impact on the client’s processes. It also allowed the providers to focus their time for efficient delivery of quality patient care.

We are a third party billing company that functions like an in-house billing department. Our engagement to the work, the relevant education, and constant feedback to all of the co departments distinguishes our firm from the rest

The company stays ahead of the curve by offering its clients the freedom to customize the services. They offer RCM evaluations at no charge and provide transparent reports on what is already being done well, and which areas ReveLution could improve upon. “Our ability to customize our service is exactly what clients are looking for. We offer a unique solution for unique needs, without compromising on quality. This is something others in the revenue cycle industry are not doing right now,” says Nicole Keon, CEO, ReveLution.

The company spends a fair share of their time in education and training. ReveLution has partnered with CRUX, a global software product and services company with a focus on oncology. The partners launched an oncology seminar called ‘Hyper Oncology’ that debuted in May 2019. The conference helped to create a deeper understanding of the different aspects of oncology.